Office Yoga Asanas and Benefits

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Practicing yoga in the office can be fun, relaxing and quite enjoyable. Sitting at the desk for hours causes a lot of tension and leads to strains on your neck, shoulder and back muscles. They affect your life in many ways and also hinder you from giving a good performance. Therefore we have prepared a short office yoga exercises guide for your benefit.

Here are The Best Office Yoga Asanas and Benefits for Beginners.

1. Neck Roll Pose:

For the neck roll pose, simply close your eyes and let your chin drop down towards your chest area. Move your neck slowly from the right ear to the right shoulder and from the left ear to the left shoulder. Let your shoulders stay loose and relax yourself. Rotate your neck at least four to five times and then let it relax.

2. Cow Stretch Pose:

For the cow stretch pose, keep your feet on the floor and let both your hands stay on your knees. Inhale and stretch backwards. Look up towards the ceiling. While exhaling, drop your head forward and stretch your back towards the front. Repeat this about three to five times and then relax.

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3. Bending Pose:

For the bending pose, you need to keep your chair away from the desk. Keep your feet on the floor and remain seated. Keep your arms straight and take your hands towards the back and interlace your fingers. Bend forward and bring your hands over the back. Rest your head on your thighs and then let it relax.

4. Eagle Pose:

To do the eagle pose, you will only need your hands. Take both your hands and stretch them straight right in front of your body. Let your palms face the ceiling. Lift both your elbows. Repeat this exercise about four to five times and changing left arm with the right.

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5. Spinal Twist Pose:

For this pose, you need to sit sideways. Keep your feet on the floor and hold the back of your chair. Twist your waist on the right side and then turn to the other side. You need to repeat this exercise for a couple of times before you can move on to the next exercise.

6. Temple Rub Pose:

To do the temple rub pose, place your elbows on the desk and place both your palms on the temple. Now gently rub your temple in clockwise and anticlockwise motion. Take ten to fifteen long breaths while doing this and then repeat this couple of times. You will feel relaxed and peaceful at the end of this.

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7. Seated Reed Pose:

For the seated reed pose, sit on the chair and interlace your fingers. Now stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath and feel the stretch in your body. Exhale and lean towards the right and continue to feel the stretch. Do this in both left and right directions. This will give you strength and energy to stay active throughout the day.

8. Centering Mountain Pose:

For the Centering mountain pose, you need to stand straight and let all the confusion and noise go. Now deepen your breath and allow yourself to feel relaxed. Let it balance your mind and make you feel calm and composed. This will prepare for all the challenges you face throughout the day.

9. Standing Pose:

For the standing pose, simply stand up first. Lift your right leg as high as possible against the right leg. Take your hands together and stretch upwards like the branch of the trees. Feel your body going upwards. Breathe in and out and the release. Repeat this pose a couple of times.

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