30 Tremendous Paithani Sarees With Pictures

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Paithani saree is a very popular Marathi saree. This saree is from a town named Paithani in Maharashtra. It is well known for its hand woven silk sarees with bright combination of colors. The characteristic features of this sarees are peacock designed pallu with vibrant zari works. Kaleidoscopic design is another unique feature of this saree by weaving one colored thread bread-wise and another colored length-wise. Various other motifs are also available in the designer paithani sarees. The border and pallu are the main highlighting portions of the paithani sarees. This is considered as one of the richest saree that are available in India which is exported to various other countries also.

Best and Beautiful Paithani Sarees With Images:

Here, top 30 paithani sarees with pictures are illustrated with pictures which would surely attract you.

1. Red Colored Flower Design Paithani Saree:

paithani sarees

This pure red colored paithani saree has golden zari work polka dots all over the saree. The border and pallu has violet and pink flower designs. Border of this saree is quite broader that makes it look gorgeous with zari works. This traditional paithani silk has a shiny texture that makes this piece of saree attractive.

2. Green Paithani Saree With Golden Designed Border:

Paithani Sarees 2

This paithani saree has light green colored effect that is contrasted with multi colored borders. It really has a appreciating outlook. Golden motifs are done over the green portion of the saree. Hand woven peacock designed border and pallu is the main attraction. The specialty of this saree is the gorgeous pallu and borders. To have a contrasting look, pair this saree with red and golden colored blouse.

3. Blue Paithani Saree With Red And Golden Border:

Paithani Sarees 3

In this paithani silk saree, the main work is seen on the pallu section. The red and golden zari striped border runs all over this piece of saree. Particular traditional styled motifs are done all over the vibrant blue portion. The pallu is mainly golden threaded portion with different threaded floral designs.

4. Purple Handloom Katan Silk Paithani Saree Resham Meena Border And Polka Dots Pattern:

Paithani Sarees 4

Shaded purple saree with golden works looks exclusive. This purple paithani handloom saree has golden polka dots pattern. The border and the pallu are designed differently with red and green meena works. These fine meena works are hand woven designs and have a traditional look. This is one of the best paithani silk sarees.

5. Off-White Printed Paithani Art Silk Saree:

Paithani Sarees 5

This off-white paithani art silk has simply textured body with magnificent pallu. Simple golden border with sleek red lining on both the sides of the border runs along this off-white paithani saree. Violet and green designs on the pallu seem very eye catchy. This can be worn in a traditional or religious occasions. This is one of the best paithani silk sarees.

6. Sky Blue Colored Heavy Pallu Paithani Saree:

Paithani Sarees 6

The soothing effect of this sky blue paithani saree is blended with silky texture. You simply look gorgeous even in this light shaded saree. Wide zari borders are quite highlighted and the lower section of the pallu has the same designed multi colored works. In spite of this the blue body of the saree has golden dots throughout the saree.

7. Rani And Golden Colored Paithani Saree With Peacock Designed Pallu:

Paithani Sarees 7

Self patch works are seen in this rani, dark shade of pink colored paithani silk saree. It is combined with plain golden borders. The pallu is contrasted with golden base and on it peacock designs are being done. Modern style is being combined with traditional paithani saree looks elegant. This designer saree can be worn in reception parties.

8. Dark Blue Paithani Silk Saree With Meena Booties And Peacock Style:

Paithani Sarees 8

This paithani saree has meena booties on the blue bodied portions. This dark shaded blue is combined with golden and red which have a reflecting look. Pallu has circular and peacock designs done alternatively. The enriching golden colored pallu seems exclusive with green mainly.

9. Mustard Yellow Paithani Silk Saree:

Mustard yellow colored paithani saree has a vibrant outlook with orange border. Both the yellow and orange colors are quite bright and this outlook is also enhanced by zari works. Yellow sections have golden motif designs and the orange pallu has multi colored peacock designs with golden strips. The golden zari strips also run along the orange border.

10. Traditional White Paithani Saree With Orange Border:

Paithani Sarees 10

This traditional paithani white saree has orange designer pallu. It also has orange borders with zari works. The zari works along the border and over the pallu is really very eye catchy. You will surely like this unique designed saree. Nowadays white sarees are not only preferred by aged women, present generation ladies also chose this combination.

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