10 Parks and Sanctuaries in Assam

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Assam is a state which is known for its tremendous contributions towards wild life conservation projects in India. The crowning glories of Assam’s wildlife conservation are the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kaziranga National Park and the Manas National Park.

Beautiful Parks in Assam:

Here is a list of the parks in Assam that cater to wild life of every kind.

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary:

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Sprawling over an area of approximately 46, nestled in the Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts of Assam, this wildlife sanctuary is the home for many a unique flora and fauna. Significantly, this sanctuary is the second best protected home of the endangered Golden Langur.

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The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary:


Surrounded by tea gardens and long stretches of grasslands this wildlife sanctuary in Assam is highly reputed for its rich biodiversity. This sanctuary is home to the only gibbons in India which are

  • Hoolock gibbons
  • Bengal Slow Loris

Kaziranga National Park:


On the banks of the holy Brahmaputra River and spreading over 800 sq. kms of land, lies the biggest sanctuary in Assam. The Park is surrounded by

• Dry deciduous forests,
• Rocky landscapes and
• Tall thickets

The star attraction in this sanctuary is that, it is the only natural habitat of the near extinction Great Indian one horned rhino. There are safari tours where you can visit the entire expanse on jeep and experience these wonderful creatures up front. The lush green lands are ideal for bird watching the huge flocks which migrate during winter.

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Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary:


This sanctuary is equally well known for its wild Feral Horses as well as some of the rarest species of birds which are endangered. A picturesque setting ensures a breathtaking sight of migratory birds in winter months. This is a major tourist attraction.

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