9 Famous Parks in Bhubaneswar with Pictures

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Various parks in Bhubaneshwar lie sprawled out across this land of temples that are a perfect complement to the city’s historical surroundings. The parks provide a leisurely retreat for the young and old alike with some of them even being major tourist attractions.

Beautiful Parks in Bhubaneswar with Images:

Here is a List of Best Parks in Bhubaneswar.

Forest Park:

Parks in Bhubaneswar

Now known as Biju Patnaik Park, the park is one of Bhubaneswar’s finest and biggest, spread across 7 acres of land. Well maintained lawns are skirted with lots of trees. A musical fountain, a floating mountain and several decorative lamps adorn the park which illuminate it at night transforming the place into a gleaming spectacle. The park draws visitors in large numbers who can be seen walking or jogging, or even taking an evening stroll. Boating facilities in the park are an added attraction especially among children.

Indira Gandhi Park:


Indira Gandhi Park, dedicated to India’s late Prime Minister was erected at the site where Mrs. Indira Gandhi delivered her final speech before she was assassinated. Built on what was the city’s former parade ground, the park covers an area of 10.60 acres that includes, well manicured grass plots, plenty of tress, shrubbery, flower gardens and fountains. The park is frequented by morning walkers, joggers and residents taking a leisurely stroll with the highlight of the park being a sculpted statue of the late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

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BDA Nicco Park:

Located in the heart of the city, Bhubaneswar’s very own amusement park is packed with water rides and games for people of all ages. An artificial lake runs through the center of the park encircling vast green lawns. The park is awash with seasonal flowers ranging from sunflowers, red and white roses, dahlia, water lilies, petunia and a host of others that can be seen in full bloom right throughout the entire year while a musical fountain in its midst adds to the park’s charm.

Jaydev Vatika Park:


The Jaydev Vatika Park is the most frequented of all the parks in Bhubaneshwar. Its vast expanse of greenery covers 3 hectares of land filled with meadows, groves, artificial freshwater streams, a variety of trees and flowers and more than 10,000 rare plants, some of which have medicinal properties. The park completely surrenders itself to nature making it a paradise on earth for every botanist and nature lover.

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