9 Famous Parks in Bhubaneswar with Pictures

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Buddha Jayanti Park:


The great Kalinga war in 261 BC saw Buddhism being embraced and the religion bearing its mark in a number of Buddhist historical sites in the city. The Buddha Jayanti Park commemorates this history with green acres of land complete with pathways, a lake, an abundance of trees, shrubs and flowers and a Buddha Stupa to crown it all. The peaceful environment of the park is all absorbing making it a perfect place to just unwind and relax.

Ekamra Kanan:


Ekamra Kanan is a botanical garden in Bhubaneshwar that is spread out over 512 acres of land. The park is beautified with its many rose gardens and nursery. A lake within the park provides a picturesque view of the surroundings. A greenhouse in the shape of a pyramid is one of the focal features of the park. Playgrounds for children are scattered around while visitors can avail of boating facilities or just revel in the idyllic scenery.

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Nandan Kanan National Park:


Situated 20 kms from Bhubaneshwar, this biological park is nicknamed Garden of the Gods and with good reason. The park which stretches across the Chandaka forest is a natural habitat for thriving flora and fauna. Nandan Kanan is home to India’s very first gharial breeding center and is world-renowned for its white tigers that are housed in the park’s zoo. Other features of the park are a reptile farm, nocturnal animal house, white tiger and lion safaris and boating facilities all of which constitute a rich and rewarding experience.

Mahatma Gandhi Park:

Mahatma Gandhi Park developed by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority is made up of beautiful landscaped lawns that are bejeweled with rockeries, a stream and fountain. The park also contains a jogging track for fitness freaks. A garden lighting system lights up the park in the evening. A giant statue of Mahatma Gandhi sitting in a prayerful stance is one of the many attractions among visitors who come to pay their homage.

Cactus Garden:


As the name states, the garden is features an extensive collection of cacti. Cactus Garden is closely situated near Ekamra Kanan and Nicco Park and therefore sees a lot of visitors and tourists who come to take in the scenic beauty of the garden.

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