Famous Sanctuaries and Parks in Jharkhand

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While Jharkhand is a relatively new state it has the best mix of wildlife, recreation and ecological balance that reflects in its green patches. Here is a look at what this state has to offer.

Beautiful Sanctuaries and Parks in Jharkhand with Images:

1. Hazaribagh National Park:

parks in jharkhand

Situated 12 miles from the Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand, this park is the home to a number of mammals like: tigers, sambhars, spotted deer, Indian bisons, Cheetal, Kakar, Nilgais etc.

The tourists are taken to the remotest corners of the 111km sanctuary and put up at masonry towers of the park. The strategically laid roads offer excellent views to the wild animals. The sanctuary is a peaceful meeting place for humans and animals. It is well connected with regular buses plying from nearby places.

2. Betla National Park:


Located in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, this park boasts a wide variety of wild life. The name is an acronym for:

• Bison,
• Elephant,
• Tiger,
• Leopard,
• Axis-axis.

This was one of the first national parks in India to get the status of a tiger reserve. It has a varied vegetation, that comprises

• Tropical wet evergreen forests
• Mixed (moist & dry) deciduous forests
• Temperate alpine forests
• Grasslands along the banks of Koel River

It is a bio-diverse park rich in varied flora and fauna. Elephants are spotted in the dry seasons post monsoon. A lot of medicinal plants are also grown in this area. The rich avifauna is characterized by hornbills, red fowls, black ibis, pied hombill, harial, wagtails, crested serpant eagle and the famous papeeha birds in the forests. The aquatic variety flocks to the nearby Kamaldah Lake.

The best time for tourists is between November and March; however the best wild life spotting is done in the summers.

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3. Ranchi Deer Park:


What started with a paltry bunch of fifteen deer has now, not only grown in numbers but, also attract a huge flock of tourists in Ranchi. This picturesque park is the natural habitat to the Deer. Regular safaris are conducted which is a major draw amongst children.

4. Nakshatra Van:


Located at the Jharkhand Raj Bhawan (Governor”s Residence) in Ranchi, this is also called the Zodiac Park. Nakshatra or Stars are associated with every zodiac in astrology. Astrology suggests that each of these zodiacs is associated with a tree. The park is centered on a circle, which is divided in arcs precisely according to the angles by which the nakshatras subtend on earth. It is truly a very unique attraction.

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