7 Famous Parks in Lucknow with Pictures

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Lucknow is a city with a rich historical background and cultural heritage. There are many ruins of old palaces in Lucknow that hint at the luxurious lifestyles of the old Nawabs of Lucknow. The city though small attracts several tourists and has its fair share of parks and other touristy spots. Several of its palaces have accompanying gardens that have now been converted into parks.

Beautiful Parks in Lucknow with Images:

Here are a few of the best parks in Lucknow.

Dilkusha Garden:

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Dilkusha garden is an adjoining part of the Dilkusha kothi (Palace). While the original kothi stands in ruins, the garden has been rebuilt and is a frequent haunt of the morning walkers and joggers. Walking along the path surrounded by the remains of the kothi and the newly planted flowers is an interesting experience. The ruins add a historical charm to the place, lending it personality and a story. The entrance fee is reasonable and practical.

Swarna Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park:


This is a typical public park with a separate children’s section that has swings and slides installed in it. the park starts getting filled up from the early hours of dawn when the first of the morning walkers or members of the laughing club arrive. Swarna Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park is starting to be known as the Fitness Track of Lucknow! The entry tickets are available at a reasonable price and they even have a scheme for a monthly pass.

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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park:


Dr, Ram Manohar Lohia was a philosopher and socialist. This park has been named after him. Located in Gomti Nagar, it’s one of the most famous picnic spots in Lucknow complete with an artificial lake. The park has been developed and is maintained by the Lucknow Development Authority. A special arrangement has been made for the morning visitors of the park. From 6 to 7 in the morning, the park’s visitors can avail of vocal and instrumental music.

ECO Park:


This is one of the most popular tourist haunts in Lucknow. The park brings forth Lucknow’s rich cultural heritage amidst a setting of lush green gardens. Besides the natural beauty that the park’s flora and fauna lends it, a number of art displays like bronze statues of animals and trees, a central mound, water bodies with beautiful stone fountains, some of the tallest fountains of the world made of bronze and granite etc, attract the attention of tourists to the skill of the Lucknow craftsmen.

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