Famous Sanctuaries and Parks In Orissa

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Orissa is often associated only with its magical beaches. But there is more to Orissa than just sandcastles. It has beautiful green patches all over the state. Here is a look at the lungs of Orissa.

Beautiful Sanctuaries and Parks In Orissa:

1. The Nandankanan Zoological Park:

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A world famous wildlife sanctuary, it is situated around 17 kms off Cuttack. Sheltering a variety of wild animals, it is one of the most sought after zoological parks in India. This reputed sanctuary has been known to protect and care for totally 151 animals that include:

  • 49 mammals
  • 75 fishes and
  • 27 reptiles.

Further the main attractions of the zoo are the animals like:

  • crocodiles,
  • blackbucks,
  • chousinghas,
  • hill mynas,
  • panthers and
  • brahminy kites.

The Tiger reserve is known to harbor and breed a good number of tigers which stood at 327 in the last census. Out of these 10 were white tigers.

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2. The Ushakothi Sanctuary:


Another popular sanctuary in Orissa, at the Yavatmal district, this sanctuary is located 48 kms from the actual UshaKothi. It has gained popularity to become a must visit tourist itenary with respect to Orissa tourism. It’s rich in flora as well as fauna. The vegetation is as diversified as neem, arjun and acacia. The animals also cover every taxonomical group in the animal kingdom. However it is best known as the home for:

  • sambar deer
  • nilgais
  • elephants
  • chitals
  • tigers
  • leopards
  • wolves

The nocturnal Panthers can also be spotted here occasionally. The wildlife safaris are a highly sought after attraction at this spot.

3. The Mahanadi Wildlife Division:


Located on the southern banks of the Mahanadi River this sanctuary is also famous for its wildlife. This sprawling division is actually 4 sanctuaries joined together. These are mainly covered by two adjacent districts comprising:

  • Arakhpadarand Reserve
  • Padmatolain Reserve
  • Baisipalli Reserve and
  • Mahanadi Reserve Forest

The flora and fauna is similar to that of most other sanctuaries in Orissa. But the sheer expanse of land gives the animals a tranquil territory to co-exist in.

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