9 Famous Parks in Vadodara with Pictures

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India is a land of culture, heritage and architecture. The landscapes here are romantic and its scenic beauty is captivating. Coming to parks and recreational spots, Vadodara of Gujarat are one of those special places where you can enjoy and relax yourself completely. This state is rapidly leading towards development and is well connected to some of the major cities of the country such as Delhi and Mumbai. It is the largest city of Gujarat and is also known as its cultural city. In case you are planning to visit some of these exotic locations of Vadodara, we have enlisted some of best parks in vadodara.

1. Sayaji Baug:


Sayaji Baug is one the best and most established park in Vadodara. The trees, landscape, green grasses and structures are beautiful and well kept. Coming to this place will make you feel relaxed as the weather in this region is pleasant and enjoyable.

2. Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park:


The Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park of Vadodara is another well know spot and location. It has historical significance and culture. It has thousands of visitors every year and is quite a well known park in the state of Gujarat. The monuments here are well kept and established. In case you are looking forward to visit the archeology of India, you should surely come to this place.

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3. S Cube Water Park:


The S Cube Water Park of Vadodara is one of the best amusements cum water parks you shall visit. It has great slides that are sure to thrill and excite you. If you are looking forward to having a great time with family and friends, this is the place you should come to.

4. Ajwa Funworld Water Park:


The Ajwa Funworld Water Park is an exciting and fun destination in Vadodara that you should visit. The rides here are sure to give you the best experiences of your life. From children to grownups, everyone wants to come to Funworld Water Park because of the fun and frolic this great place has to offer.

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