9 Stylish Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

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One of the most attractive features in a woman is her hair. And when it comes to hair then there is nothing better than thick, long and textured hair. Hairstyles for long hair are one of the greatest ways to show the shine and glamour of natural hair. Christmas and New Year eves are not only the one time that you can get creative with your hair. Party hairstyles can be for so many other occasions as well such as dinner with friends, get together party, family dinners, prom nights, weekend movie, birthday parties and more. And if you have long hair then nobody can stop you from selecting from a number of hairstyles. Long hair is not a prey to insubstantial fashion and has been adored by women from time immemorial.

party hairstyles for long hair

To obtain a party look, you will need few types of equipment such dryer, side irons, combs, crimping machines, clips and other hair accessories. The most common party hairstyles among women are straight, curls, waves and layers. Since these styles goes with any type of face and dress, it is universally preferred by most women.

Latest and Beautiful Party Hairstyles for Long Hair with Images:

Here are some of the best party hairstyles long hair that you can try on.

1. Beach Waves:

Party hairstyles for long hair 1

No, these waves are not confined to beaches only. You could get these by braiding your hair or by using curling irons and look smoking hot.

2. The Simple Laid Back Straight Hair:

Puff your hair to add a little volume and then leave it opens for all the others to gawk at your beautiful natural long hair.

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3. Sexy Waves:

Party is one time when you can look sexy then why not try out some sexy hair styles as well? This is a very simple hairstyle and you will look drop dead gorgeous.

4. Simple Straight Hair:

If you want to be simple then just leave your hair open. And you could use some hair pins to keep your bangs off your face. This hairstyle is simple yet sophisticated.

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