25 Latest Party Hairstyles With Pictures

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Parties are always a factor where you need to look your best both with your attire and your hair along with your face. A nice party hairstyle is perfect to match with the perfect dress for a party. Many women around the world face problems whenever they need to get ready for a party because they do not have an idea as to which hairstyle would go well with the dress they desire to wear thus wasting a lot of time on this.

Finding the right hairstyle for the party you wish to attend is a matter of great care as you first need to match the hairstyle with your face shape and your attire so that all factors complement one another. Given below are a few great universal party hairstyles which complement all face shapes, skin tones and dress codes making them the best party hairstyles in the world. These hairstyles are very well renowned for their flexibility.

Simple And Easy Hairstyles For Party With Images:

Out of countless options of party hairstyles with photos you must choose the one which looks best on you according to the occasion. You can even mix and match the styles to get a different look.

1. Waves:

party hairstyles

Waves are probably the best way to go if you’re looking for a great party hairstyle for both corporate and social parties. It is an absolute pleasure to maintain as it requires no hard work at all and stays in place for a long period of time

2. High Up Do:

nice party hairstyle2

The high up do looks great when you need a great party hairstyle when going out for a night on the town or going out with friends. It requires a little or no maintenance and can be made in no time allowing you to have just a great hairstyle for the day. This is a great hairstyle to choose if you do not want to spend too much time on your hair.

3. Super Casual:

nice party hairstyle3

The super casual look is an absolute pleasure to maintain when looking for a great party hairstyle. This hairstyle matches almost all kinds of attire and looks great on any face type. Just let it fall to achieve the ultimate hairstyle for any occasion.

4. Extreme Volume:

nice party hairstyle4

This is a high maintenance hairstyle but at the end of the day it is one of the greatest party hairstyles for both corporate and social events. Carry a bottle of hair spray with you so that you can keep the hair in place for a long period of time while at the party you wish to visit. Extreme volume may be hard to maintain but it is truly worth it.

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5. Side Bun Hairstyle:

nice party hairstyle5

The elegant side bun is also a very popular long hairstyle that can be made very quickly and can only be carried out if you have moderately long hair. The side bun can be worn elegantly for any event and compliments any dress. This is one of the best and simple party hairstyles for girls with long face.

6. The Great Mane Hairstyle:

nice party hairstyle6

The great mane is a very sophisticated hairstyle but it is meant exclusively for the elegant woman. Unleash the beast inside you by adorning this hairstyle for any corporate or social event where you will definitely be the centre of attention. The great hair style requires the help of a set of professional hands which will efficiently help you to pull it off completely.

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7. Fresh Curls:

nice party hairstyle7

Fresh curls are probably the easiest way to go when you are searching vigorously for a god party hairstyle. It not only compliments any kind of dress but also has a universal facial structure allowing you to narrow down your search.

8. Customization:

nice party hairstyle8

Customising a hairstyle is very important bond that a woman can build between you and your hair. By finding the right hairstyle for yourself you start to understand yourself better and that is why experimentation is always the best when looking for the right hairstyle.

9. Voom Ponytails:

party hairstyles 9

This is a very easy hairstyle for party, done a lot of times by the famous Jennifer Love Hewitt. Just simply part your hair on any side but make sure it is deep on that side. You should allow these strands to slip down onto your forehead and give a chic look.

10. Soft Top Knot:

party hairstyles 10

The main thing that you must keep in mind while doing this hairstyle is that you should first make your hair voluminous with the help of texturizing shampoos before making a bun. Too silky hair creates a problem because the bun falls down after some time.

11. Half Up And Half Down Party Look:

party hairstyles 11

This look is very simple and will give you classy look if you team it up with some party wear. One must know how to carry this type of party hairstyles in the best manner during parties. In this look your front hair is pinned up at the back and rest is left open on the sides. You can even add slight waves if required.

12. Vintage Look:

party hairstyles 12

The vintage look has again come into trend. Just walk into a party with epitome of glamour with this sexy latest hairstyles for party. This gives volume and texture to medium length hair. You can even use a boar bristle brush to turn the curls into waves. Use head bands and styling sprays to get the complete look.

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13. Classy Short Hair Look:

party hairstyles 13

Girls are now going for bob cut hair as it is easy to handle. You can get easy hairstyles for party done with bob cut hair. Curl random sections of your hair and then add more texture by scrunching styling products. Bob cut hair looks best on oval faces with medium texture hair. If you have planned to dress in a bustier attire then brush all your locks into a leveled perspective giving it a classy look.

14. Elegant Feminine Look:

party hairstyles 14

Pulling your hair on one side and giving a wavy look gives a feminine, sexy and delicate appearance. Curl your hair and pin whole part of your hair to one side. You can team it up with fresh flowers or other hair accessories to make it look more attractive. These hairstyles looks good on any face shape and hair density.

15. The Straight Elegant Look:

party hairstyles 15

Straight, sleek and shiny hair style is one of the well-known party hair styles for girls. Girls usually love this effortless look. Part your hair to one side and it looks best on shiny hair. Use a blow dryer along with a paddle brush to get the straight hair look. Apply hair sprays and gloss to the hair to give your hair a gleaming appearance. Faces with wider shapes and medium hair can go for this party hairstyle without any hesitation.

16. The Flowery Look:

party hairstyles 16

Flowers can make you hair look amazing if used in a proper manner. One must know how to carry this look in a perfect way. Form a braided side ponytail and then add flowers to each of its knot to make it look unique. Not all girls can think about this hairstyle.

17. Curls On Short Hair:

party hairstyles 17

Part your hair from the middle and make big curls to give a serious stylish appearance. To get this look use styling products on wet hair. Make use of blow dryers to create volume and curls few sections of your hair. Form bigger curls to give a bouncy look and then use pins to set your hair. This is also one of the most popular and simple party hairstyles for girls with medium and short hair.

18. The Curvy Braids:

party hairstyles 18

Teaming up waves with braids always give an marvelous look. This is basically a look in which you wear braids with some loose waves. Just make along the hairline of one side reverse French braid and pin it up like a crown or from one side to other like a head gear. Use large barrel curling iron to give rest of your hair a wavy appearance. This looks best on thick hair.

19. The Twisted Edges:

party hairstyles 19

Hair do for medium length hair is sweet and edgy. In this hairstyle twist your hair at the back away from your face and then pull it back and form a messy low ponytail. Add sophisticated hair accessories at the back to a formal look. It look amazing on all styles of faces.

20. Inverted Bob Cut Hairstyle:

party hairstyles 20

This is another so fascinate latest hairstyle for party. You don’t need long hair for this look rather simply style your hair backwards to get the look. Tease your hair around the crown area and secure it with setting sprays. Direct all your hair backwards leaving just few strands or fringes in front. Wider faces looks best with this hairstyle.

21. The Wavy Look:

party hairstyles 21

This is a one of the simple hairstyles for party for girls with long shiny hair. These extra soft waves are easy to form and just take few minutes if you know the technique. Form uniform curls using a medium barrel ironing machine and then brush off the curls into waves with boar bristle brush. This looks amazing on hair with medium density.

22. Wavy Pony Tail Look:

party hairstyles 22

Get a party chic look by curling your hair with rollers and making a loose pony tail. Just curl random sections of your hair and then pull all your hair backward into a loose pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. This looks best during hot summer days and is the best way to beat the heat and look fresh. This another one of the perfect party hairstyles with long hair that makes your look more alluring.

23. Open Look:

party hairstyles 23

This is one of the simple hairstyle for party one can go for. This is the best you can do when you are in hurry and have no time to get a new trendy look. Just wash and blow dry your and get a simple yet classy look. If want to get this simple look, you just straighten your hair and trim the edges properly for best party hair style look.

24. The Cute Party Look:

party hairstyles 24

One might not feel to look like a chic always. Sometimes cute look also appears amazing. Try out this cute look by side parting your hair and leaving it messy and open. You can from a braid with few of your strands and use hair accessories to give it a party look.

25. Romantic Curls:


Curls always look good when you are getting ready for a party. Team up curls with any dress to get a stylish look. Bouncy curls will add volume to your hair and looks best on hair which has a texture ranging from coarse and medium density. Use hot rollers to roll different sections of your hair. Use your fingers to loosen the curls if required. At the end use hair sprays to set the same.

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