9 Beautiful Pearl Choker Necklace Designs

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A choker is a band or necklace that fits closely around the neck. They might look uncomfortable to wear but they aren’t so and are comfy as they are light in weight. They can be adorned with sequins, studs, or a pendent. The common type of choker include vintage, open collar, tattoo and of course the pearls which is the best among the all. Pearl choker gives a very enchanting look which makes one look graceful. Chokers are very popular among girls and women.

Designs of Choker with Pearls:

Ages ago it was in fashion which can be seen back in Chinese, Native American, Indian and Egyptian cultures. Now it has come back with more unique styles which can we worn in parties and everyday life. Here some pearl choker designs which you might have been searching till now.

1. Single Pearl Choker:

pearl choker

Single pearl choker is a choker with pearl added to it. It is a very simple yet a unique design for daily basis. A college going can add this to her wish list. Single pearl choker can go with any dress and hairstyle.

2. Double Strand Pearl Choker:


The double strand pearl choker has two layers full of pearls suits best to baby body. It may have a join of two strands with one single big pearl which make it look magnificent.

3. Leather Pearl Choker:


The leather pearl choker has leather pearl as the band an pearl attached to it. It can be in both narrow and wide type chokers. They add glamour and look very stylish on girls. Leather pearl choker can be bejeweled on any outfit.

4. Black Pearl Choker:


The royal colour black is also found in pearls and gives a royal look to the one who wears it. This black pearl choker can be adorned with especially light colour dress which will focus more on the choker.

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5. Chain Choker with Pearls:


If one is uncomfortable with other type of choker, pearl chain choker is one of the best options who want light choker to worn butt with a dazzling look. It is very sleek and beautiful jewellery to be adorned.

6. Multi Pearls Strand Choker:


Multi strand pearl choker has multiple numbers of pearl strands of different designs making one look more elegant. It will best go with crop tops and a bun made hairstyle.

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7. Velvet Choker With Pearl:


A 90’s inspired velvet choker with pearl is unique in itself. The velvet can be of any colour like black, pink, etc matching the outfit and a pearl attached to it make it more noticeable.

8. Pearl kundan Choker:


A pearl kundan choker necklace is bride jewellery or jewellery for traditional occasions such that it makes one look beautiful and stunning in the traditional attire. It is combination of pearl and kundan with gold.

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9. Vintage Silver Pearl Choker:


Vintage always doesn’t mean old, the old one comes as a new trend with a more stylish version. The vintage silver pearl necklace choker has a class of itself with no other touching its boundaries. It gives a bit shady look and can go with both traditional as well as western outfits.

The chokers which were one outdated are now back in trend with more stylish, glamorous and royal look. Pearl choker set can be worn with any outfit not much considering the matching with the colours as it is a all rounder and thus can go with all colours and outfits.

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