9 Best Penguin Nail Art Designs

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In today’s world diversity plays a prime role. People are up and talking about the newest strategies and the newest techniques, they are talking about the new brand of clothing lines which can be paired with the equally new brand of accessories and so on goes the talk. New makes the cut to the news and running after the latest trends are just something we know will keep us on top. Today’s new look is for your nails alone where bypassing the local floral and vine nail art pattern today we have wonderful little penguins waddling across your nails.

Beautiful Penguin Nail Art Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 penguin nail art designs.

Cute Little Penguins:

penguin nail art

Start off with a black base for then nails. This is one of the most cute penguin nail art where the penguin with its whole body sits all cuddly in your nail top as you go about your day. On top of the black coat draw a subtle white with two white balls for the eyes and the rest of the feet and beak with orange.

The Blurry Eyed Penguins:

penguin nail designs2

Here the same procedure as before is followed but this time the penguins are more cuddly that ever. The way the art has been executed, it is prominent that the penguins can be made cute with bigger eyes with a slight hint of dazzle hence the white within the black. The rest of the body and the arms have been made in a golden yellow hue.

The Snowy Night Penguin:

penguin nail designs3

Start off with the glitter blue as the base for the nail and then use white dots to get the snow fall feeling. Now use the tip of the nails to show the snowy ground and you have successfully made a short scene from the Antarctic’s. Now the only thing that’s missing is a penguin and hence the ring finger has been made into an adorable penguin.

Mr. Penguin:

penguin nail designs4

To get this look straight start by painting the nail black as all the penguin designs do and then add white to complete the body. Now use a little white for the eyes and a little black for to add the pupils. On the white part draw a little bow and then use an orange for the beak and legs.

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