Permanent Hair Straightening – Benefits And Side Effects

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Almost all women like the look of straight shiny and silky hair. It can be very problematic to use the straightener on a daily basis. It takes time and also the heat can damage the shafts. You can go for the permanent straightening hair which is even though costly but can last over quite a few months. It can cost you from 4000/- INR to 6000/- INR. The normal salons can do this for you at cheaper rates. If you choose professional parlours like L’Oreal Professionals or The Habibs then you will face quite a cost burden.

permanent hair straightening

The permanent hair straightening process is normal. First the keratin structure is broken down using sodium based chemical. It makes the shafts manageable for the second process. The second process is the use of an oxidant which neutralises the keratin and makes the hair straight.

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Permanent Hair Straightening Treatments:

There are however, different processes of doing this. Some process can be having more chemicals and heat than others. It depends on which type of treatment you are choosing. There are basically 3 known types of permanent hair straightening treatments. Here we have also processing method for how to do permanent hair straightening.

  • The Keratin treatment.
  • The Japanese Thermal treatment.
  • The Chemical treatment.

1. Keratin Treatment Also Known As The Brazilian Technique:

The Brazilian technique is a very popular technique. This is by far the most famous of all other techniques to straighten out your hair. In this process usually a keratin layer is infused with the already present keratin structure of the strands and this sits perfect with the fibers to make their natural texture get softened and straightened out. This gives you silky straight looks and the locks become very shiny.

If you choose to get it done from expensive parlour like L’Oreal then it may cost you around 4000/- INR to 6000/-INR. That can be something expensive but the results last for quite a few months. None of these treatments are permanent though they are referred to as permanent because you will not have to take regular equipments like straighteners and other brush or blow drying to make hairs straight.


It also helps you get rid of the frizziness and the shafts become very smooth. Your hair gets back its luster and shine. Along with it comes the treatment cost. It can be expensive depending on which brand of keratin you are choosing and also the reputation of the salon.

This gives you problem free straightening. The results with proper care can last up to 6 to 8 months. However, that too depends on the rate of your hair growth. As hair grows out, they will get back their normal texture and hence if your hair was frizzy before, it will go back to being so after 6 months. These are not a lifetime treatment that you can depend on. But there are however, no such lifelong treatments. A hair always gets back its original structure like wavy, or curly or dry as you were born with.

This technique is by far the most used and is safe to your hair. There is no conclusion as to why this is termed as the Brazilian treatment but this does give you straight locks for quite a few months.

2. Japanese Thermal Reconditioning And Benefits:

This is not a much full proof method. This does not also give better results than the procedure mentioned above. This can however, have good results which do last but provided you go for regular touch-ups. This is cheaper than the above mentioned procedure and can be done at chosen salons. In this method, the shafts are first treated extensively with chemicals. It gives a chemical bonding over the original shafts.

This in turn, breaks the original keratin bonds. Next when the bonds are broken, to make the new layer of keratin sit firmly on it, it is treated with high heat. It can be very damaging and usually these day people do not go for this treatment until and unless you want to spend a few bucks less and not go for a Brazilian treatment.

After the shaft’s bonds are broken down and the keratin is made to sit properly, the hairs are once again put under severe chemical treatment. This second layer of chemicals makes the keratin even more firm. So it is in this process that the shafts go through a lot of chemicals and also a high amount of heat. This can be very damaging and the shafts may lose its vitality. You should and must consult a trichologist or a proper expert before considering taking this treatment up. You will also need regular touch-ups to keep the straight looks.

3. The Chemical Treatment And Benefits:

This is another technique. In this one the proper number of keratin bonds is broken down using chemicals and this makes the shaft’s texture smooth. If the less number of bonds are broken, the hair will not become straight. If more number of bonds is broken, it can cause brittle and weak hair. It depends on the professional performing this technique. That person should have mastered the chemical skill otherwise it can lead to bad results. This straightening process is filled with chemicals but application of heat is not much in this process.

permanent straightening hair

Side Effects Of Permanent Hair Straightening:

  • When the shaft grows out, you can face a mixed texture. The top of your may be frizzy and curly which is your original hair texture while the lower portions will stay straight. This can give you an odd look.
  • Sometimes use of straightener back at home as well becomes a necessity.
  • Regular touch-ups is needed to keep the straight look.
  • Regular parlour visits can cause you a lot of expenditure.
  • It can lead to over frizziness and dryness.
  • It can make shafts brittle.
  • If hair becomes too dry or is too chemically treated, you may face itchy scalp problems, dandruff or other problems. Besides these, there can be some serious allergies that can cause some heavy damages to the scalp and to the root of the growth of hair as well. If you are willing to fix the damages that are caused by the permanent hire straightening procedure at this point, then a professional doctor will be required.
  • It can cause permanent damage to your original shaft texture. This will make the hair look bad as well and this can also be a hurdle to future hair growth.
  • You may have to choose these techniques if you want straight locks because market available kits do not help much.
  • A woman will also be facing issues with application of a different look. You won’t be able to choose a different hair style such as a curly one. You will have to stick to your straight hair for the rest of your life unless you cut the whole hair and let it grow by itself from the start. Sometimes a hair straightening procedure can go wrong and that can lead to serious damage to the scalp. Such cases have come to people’s attention recently and that is one of the prime reasons behind the massive denial to the permanent hair straightening process.

As discussed earlier it is an expensive process to maintain the hair. One of the main problems that is often neglected by women, is that hair fall issue. Many women who have availed the permanent hair straightening process have often faced

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Permanent Hair Straightening Centers In India:

In India, there are certain permanent hair straightening centers that offer the best service ever. They are as follows. The following 5 are so far some of the best hair straightening centers in India.

how to do permanent hair straightening at home

1. Naturals :

This is the best hair straightening center in Banaswadi, Bangalore and is one of the most top-rated hair straightening centers in the country. If you are looking for the best service in this field, then this can be said to be one of the best ones on this business. Their work is totally extraordinary. Anyone who walks into this hair straightening destinations has always provided the feedback seekers with good word and has appreciated their advanced techniques and also admired the way this center uses their mechanized system to offer the best in class customer service.

2. Naturals Hair And Beauty Salon:

This is one of the finest permanent hair straightening centers in India and is located in Visakhapatnam. It offers nothing but the best in class service to the customers who have nothing but only good things to offer regarding their service. The place offers some of the most professional people in this field and will be totally suitable for you if you are looking for affordable packages.

3. VLCC Slimming, Beauty And Fitness:

This is yet another permanent hair straightening center that is located in Visakhapatnam, India. It offer some of the most affordable and user-friendly deals to all their customers. The modern techniques used in straightening the hair in this place is one of the best in this business.

4. Highlight Beauty Parlor:

Some of the best permanent hair straightening centers of Indian are located in the city of Bangalore. This particular hair straightening center is located in Bannerghatta Rd. Bangalore and offers some of the best service packages to the clients. It provides them with the best in class machinery. It is an unisex salon.

5. Venus Beauty Care:

It is located in Manjalpur, Vadodara and is one of the best places to take all your hair straightening (permanent) wishes. They provide permanent as well as temporary hair straightening services and are one of the best ones in this field. If you are suffering from hair straightening issues, then this can be said to be one of the best places to visit.

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Permanent hair straightening is an in thing especially among women who have curly hair and looking for a good makeover. However, make sure you know the pros and cons of permanent hair straightening before going ahead with it.