9 Best Pink Nail Art Designs

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Whenever girls think of accessorizing their outfit, they immediately begin to think about their hair and jewellery; often forgetting to accessorize their nails. Certain nail colours and designs can make you look stunning if worn properly. Style is something that most people need to perfect and when you see style done well, you will automatically know the difference. Often, it is the littlest of details in nails and makeup that make you look different and unique from everybody else. Why else do you think all girls wearing LBD do not look stunning?

Nail art is raging these days starting from school going girls to women. The limit to nail designs is limitless starting from colourful and sparkling to artistic. Even though professionals are experts in nail art designs, the visits to nail art salons with your changing mood can put a little pressure on your pocket. Why not do it yourself at home? It is not very difficult and if you will it, you obviously can do it.

Pink is a charming favourite colour of most of the girls regardless of the age. And pink nail polishes do make you look younger and lively. Do not think that just because it is pink in colour, your options to nail art designs have been limited. You can explore the world nail art designs with pink nail polishes as well. Wondering how to do that? Well, here’s a list of few ideas that you could try out on your nails with pink nail colours.

Beautiful Pink Nail Art Designs with Pictures:

1. Glitter Tips:

Glitter tip is an adorable nail design and is perfect for a night out. Paint your nails in any shade of pink that you prefer then let it dry for few minutes. Then, choose any coloured glitter that you want to use using a paint brush or your finger tips. Apply the glitter on the tips of the nails where there would be white colour in a French manicure. Let it dry for few minutes and then apply a sealing polish to keep the glitter in place and then you are all set for the party.

2. Nails That Stand Out:

Who said the nail designs are limited with pink colour? You can still be artistic and colourful using a pink nail polish. You could paint all your nails in one shade of pink and on any one of your nails, you could design it as you like with colours that compliment with pink such as white, black, brown and the options are countless.

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3. Accessorize Your Nails:

Just because you are able to accessorize your hair or yourself does not mean that you cannot accessorize your nails. Days have changed and people do like accessorized nails for crying out loud. So those nail accessories that you purchased, please do not let it go to waste. Use them with your pink nail polish and look vibrant!

4. Inscriptions:

Who said you can only write on papers and stones? Write on your nails if you wish to. It looks very girly and preppy.

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