Top 9 Benefits of Plum During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a phase where every little thing has to be taken utmost care of. A good and nutritious diet is the first priority for the mother and the baby. All food stuff may not be compatible with the changes the body goes through during a pregnancy. There are tons of eatables that expectant mothers worry about consuming during this phase. Have you been wondering, is plum good for pregnancy?

plum during pregnancy

Your diet during pregnancy should contain lots of fruits and juices. Plum should be one of them. It has a great deal of health benefits. Eating plums during pregnancy can ease out the complications of the phase and even after it. Here are a few plum fruit benefits during pregnancy.

Benefits of Plum During Pregnancy:

1. Prevention of Premature Labor:

There is a common fear among pregnant women of going into premature labour. Premature labour may be painful and may even lead to stillbirth. Plums contain a good quantity of magnesium. The magnesium content in them can relax your muscles. This in turn can help avoid premature contractions and labor.

2. Absorption of Iron:

The heart pumps extra blood during pregnancy to meet the needs of the growing baby which in turn can lead to anemia. Plums contain vitamin C which is vital for better absorption of iron from your regular diet.

3. Prevention of Constipation and Hemorrhoids:

During pregnancy, the additional hormones and the growing uterus can take a huge toll on the digestive system of the mother and can make it very sluggish. Due to this, problems like bloating, constipation, and hemorrhoids are very common. Plums are full of fiber which helps to ease your bowel movement, thereby making you feel better.

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4. Elimination of Stress and Fatigue:

Pregnancy makes mothers feel weak, tired and drained out of energy. With energy levels hitting rock bottom, most expecting mothers find it difficult to lead a normal life. Adding plums to your pregnancy diet is a great way to get a kick of energy and stay active as they are rich in antioxidants and potassium. This is a great plum fruit benefit during pregnancy.

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5. Improving Bone Health:

Pregnancy can take a toll on the bones of the mother because the unborn baby needs a healthy supply of calcium for the development of its own skeletal structure. This is why doctors prescribe calcium supplements during pregnancy. Plums are the organic alternatives as they are very rich in Vitamin K, which along with calcium and Vitamin D, keeps your bones healthy.

6. Boosting Immune System:

Illnesses like flu, cold, diarrhea etc. might not seem serious on normal days. During pregnancy though, even the most common illnesses can have serious consequences. Plums contain vitamin C which significantly helps to strengthen the immune system, and keeps common illnesses at bay.

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7. Prevention of Blood Clotting:

Eating plums during pregnancy is known to prevent blood clotting due to the fruit containing a healthy dose of vitamin K.

8. Managing Gestational Diabetes (GD):

Most pregnant women have a common problem of Gestational Diabetes. To avoid getting GD, you need to ensure that your diet consists of foods with low glycemic index. Plums during pregnancy are one of the best fruits you can consume to prevent or manage gestational diabetes, due to their significantly low glycemic index.

9. Regulation of Blood Pressure:

Preeclampsia, or high blood pressure, can have harmful consequences and may even prove to be fatal during pregnancy. Plums contain potassium which can regulate blood pressure. Plums have high fiber content that can help reduce the risk of Preeclampsia.

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There are a couple of side effects of consuming plums during pregnancy. Having high oxalates, they can increase the chances of kidney stones. They have zero calories which isn’t ideal for the mother or the baby. So, is plum good for pregnancy? Despite a few negatives, plums are definitely a healthy addition to your pregnancy diet.