Top 15 Polynesian Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Polynesian tattoos are getting very popular these days. Various people and also many women are sporting these dark and thick patterns on their body. This is quite artistic but you should be careful as to how large a design you want to sport. Often like any other forms of ancient arts these are done with thick inks which are either dark red or black. These get deep into the epidermal layers and become very difficult to even get a cover up design done or to remove with a laser removal. Therefore even if you shell out a large sum of money then also there may be patches and traces of inks which can make your skin surface look patchy.

polynesian tattoo designs

Therefore you should seek the advice of a professional artist before getting something like a large scale deign done. If you want then you can also customize different patterns for suiting to your taste. This may take more money and you will have to go to an artist who does customization’s. You should also try out something temporary before going for the inking. You can also get various types of associated designs done like hibiscus and other floral formats if you want to make this in a girl type format. These can be incorporated in those types.

Best Polynesian Tattoo Designs:

The Polynesian tattoos give a very attractive look to the wearer when properly selected. This season try to look trendy with any of the Polynesian tattoos suitable to your texture and color. Below are the top 15 types of Polynesian tattoo designs that can inspire you for your design. You can also get similar customized designs done easily.

1. Tattoo On Shoulders:

Polynesian Tattoo Designs1

This is a girl type design and you can get similar tattoo done all over the shoulders. You can also get floral designs done with various forms of patterns like this design. It is one of the best Polynesian tattoo designs for women.

2. Spinal Tattoo:

Polynesian Tattoo Designs2

This is a spinal Polynesian tattoo which can be done like the weaving pattern of the tents of these tribal people. You can also get something like this done if you want a vertical design. This tattoo is getting popular not only in the men, but also in the teen girls of the colleges. This pattern is especially for the back area as seen in the image. This tattoo signifies strength and power. The length can be carried out till the lower back to make it as long as you wish.

3. Half Sleeve Polynesian:

Polynesian Tattoo Designs3

This is a half sleeve Polynesian design that you can do with other associated patterns. These are quite trendy these days and many people are sporting these. The long and dark lines with curves add to its beauty. The spear shaped designs give it a unique look just similar to the henna tattoos. This tattoo can be carried on the legs and back also.

4. Tribal Polynesian:

Polynesian Tattoo Designs4

This is another form of tribal tattoo and you can also do this till half the arms. You can also extend this pattern to the wrists and you can do other patterns with this and then extend this to the back or other positions of the body. The pattern is so properly suitable for the biceps as it gives a circular shape in the beginning and later turns square. This can also be carried on the ribs.

5. Full Sleeve Polynesian:

Polynesian Tattoo Designs5

This is a trendy Polynesian design that has been done on the arms. This is a full sleeve art work and you can easily do this with any colors of your choice. The unique design with gray inner shadings gives it a marvelous look. It is mostly inked by the wrestlers. It is getting trendy among many youngsters.

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