Top 9 Ponytail Hairstyles For School

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A party or school, a look is never complete without the perfect hairstyle. Among all the hairstyles a ponytail isn’t always the first choice, but a tempting one. Here are nine such ponytail hairstyles for school that will make you sport this style more often than you know.

Latest and Best Ponytail Hairstyles For School:

1. High Ponytail With Fish Braid:

ponytail hairstyles for school

A very easy yet the hottest style to sport this summer. All you need is to braid your hair in a fishtail and tie it up high with a cute hair tie matching your outfit.

2. Colored Ponytail:

ponytail for school2

A very simple hairstyle for whenever you want to keep it minimalistic yet perky. All you need is a colored ribbon and your usual hair tie. Start braiding your hair and in the process add the colorful ribbon of your choice, just like a part of your hair. Then tie your hair and you are all set for your day.

3. Classic Ponytail:

ponytail for school3

Nothing can beat the classics, not even in hairstyles. This style is the easiest yet the chicest of all. Tie your hair up, taking a section of your hair from the bottom out of the ponytail wrap it on the hair tie to cover it up. Then secure it with a bobby pin.

4. Knotting Tail:

ponytail for school4

As the name suggest, it is not the regular ponytail. For this style you need to divide your hair into two sections and make a regular knot, make sure its tight. Repeat the process once again and secure it with a cute hair tie.

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