15 Best Poster Rangoli Designs with Images

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Rangolis are a traditional form of Indian folk art. It is seen in great abundance, adorning the homes of Indians, during important festivals like Diwali, Holi and so on. you need great skill and patience to make these beautiful designs. People use shredded flower petals, chalky coloured powders and many other things to make rangolis.

In today’s modern world people no longer have the large amounts of time required to make a rangoli painstakingly from scratch! So, keeping in mind the needs of modern day India, rangolis have been modified in different forms. One of these is the sticker rangoli. All that you need to do with these is peel it off and stick it on the floor. It’ll take you a whole of five minutes and people cans step on it as much as they want!

Latest and Easy Poster Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here is a list of the best fifteen sticker/poster rangoli designs.

1. Om Sticker Rangoli Designs:

poster rangoli

These designs have concentric circles with the symbol for om etched in the center most point. The circles feature traditional patterns and designs. They can either be just white or multi-colored. The multi-colored ones seem more appropriate and festive.

2. White Abstract Rangoli Designs:

White sticker rangolis also looks excellent. But you can’t stick these on white floors. The designs are elaborate with fine detailing. The small loops and patterns make the design look rich and exquisite. Flowers and leaves are common elements used in such designs.

3. Artistic Sticker Rangoli Designs:

These rangoli designs are plain and simple, generally with white and just one more colour. It doesn’t have a lot of traditional patterns and maybe that is why looks more elegant than festive.

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4. Multi-Coloured Rangoli Designs:

Multi-coloured rangolis always look more attractive than plain white ones. These designs too have a lot of fine detailing that makes it look elaborate and complicated. A generous use of various shades of colours makes the design look even better!

5. Traditional Rangoli Designs:

Traditional rangoli designs feature floral patterns, spirals and other abstract designs. These are generally colourful and circular in shape. Since its digital printing, the designs are easier to make than with hand.

6. White Footsteps Rangoli Designs:

Rangolis are generally place at your doorstep. They are a sort of welcoming mat which you are not supposed to rub your feet on. So many sticker rangoli designs have footsteps on them. These designs sort of beckon you to enter.

7. Ganesha Mandala Sticker Rangolis:

Lord Ganesha is always the first deity to be worshiped everywhere in India. He is also the main deity that Diwali is dedicated to. So many rangoli designs used during Diwali, feature images of Lord Ganesha. These designs have concentric circles with the image of the deity right at the center. Each circle is filled with patterns of a different sort. Use of vibrant colors makes it look more attractive.

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