Top 20 Punjabi Mehandi Designs With Images

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Punjabi mehndi designs are very popular. If you have attended any Punjabi function or an occasion you will know that these art works on the hands and the legs or any other positions of the body like back forms a very traditional thing for any function. You can also try out these variations and team up these with your party and salwar dresses. There are a variety of decorative patterns that are usually done for these. These are also often extended till the elbows and also sometimes these are extended till the wrists or even shoulders in a mesh like pattern.

There are also wristlet type designs and the mango motifs are a common thing for most of these designs. You can wear these stylish henna patterns for your parties and also you can wear these for any other family occasion. If you have a function to attend then you can book these sessions from reputed artists who do these types of art works. You can also do these for your kitty party. If you like wearing heavy jewellery then you should try these as these can be teamed up easily. You can wear bangles and get a wristlet type of decoration at the joint of wrist. You can also do circular and other geometric or floral decorations.

Most Popular Punjabi Mehndi Designs With Pictures:

Below are the collection of 20 best types of Punjabi mehandi designs with photos that you should definitely try out and you can get inspired from to create your own design for your party.

1. Flower Mehndi Designs For Back:

Punjabi Mehandi 14

Punjabi households do mehandi for many of their family occasions. You can do floral works for your arms, hands and also sometimes these are done on the back. The designs of the back are kept in floral motifs. You can use dark colours for this and these are also done from professionals. If you have a function to attend then you can try these with cones.

2. Traditional Punjabi Design:

Punjabi Mehandi 2

This is a traditional Punjabi mehndi design with motifs and dark coloured henna. You can do these types of designs for any party or household occasion. You can wear these with your anarkali suits and also other lehengas. You can also wear these with dark coloured nail polish. You can wear bangles and other hand jewellery with these.

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3. Mehandi Design For Punjabi Households:

Punjabi Mehandi 3

These types of floral prints are very common type of design for Punjabi households. If you attend any traditional function of these households, you will see women wearing these types of punjabi mehndi designs on their arms.

4. Floral Punjabi Henna Design:

Punjabi Mehandi 4

This is a simple floral henna motif. You can try out these easy types of stylish mehndi art works for your girl night party. You can also do these as beginner format by taking help from your elderly family members.

5. Punjabi Henna Art:

Punjabi Mehandi 5

These types of Punjabi mehandi designs are also considered to have heavier motif works even though these are not dark coloured. These can be extended till the shoulders. You can do various fashionable formats with these.

6 Peacock Punjabi Mehendi Design:

Punjabi Mehandi 6

This mehendi design has peacock or the other dot motifs and the mesh and chain works that are quite popular for most traditions when they do these for the hands. You can use rhinestones with glitters and body glue to create more stylish look for these.

7. Mehndi Designs For Occassions:

Punjabi Mehandi 7

This is a mesh work type of pattern mehandi. You can try these out easily. These type of punjabi mehandi designs are also quite popular for the traditional occasions and bridal parties also.

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