Top 9 Quick Hairstyles For Long Hair

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The French Side Braid:

quick hairstyles for long hair5

This time once again start with a simple side braid, French style and go all the way to the sides. Once there don’t stop until you have incorporated all your hair into a big side French braid. Often different types of braids can be used to create variation.

The Pony Loop:

quick hairstyles for long hair6

The best way to get away with a pony variation is by looping it. Not only does it give you a different feel than your everyday pony, but also makes you a trend setter. Just above the pony tie manually create a hole with your fingers and loop the pony through it to get this look.

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The Pony Wrap:

quick hairstyles for long hair7

This is yet another variation to a simple pony where you pull your hair back and tie it up in a pony. Next, you single out a hair strand from the underneath of the pony and wrap it around the tie base eventually pinning it underneath to create this look.

The Fan Bun:

quick hairstyles for long hair8

Ponytail is the favorite for a busy day and when the heat gets to you, wrap your pony and loop it into a soft fan bun. Often a bow at the end can accentuate the look all the more.

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The Messy Pin Up:

quick hairstyles for long hair9

Messy buns are the best in the game for a time crunch and here we have made the best of it by creating a bun simply by pinning the hair chunks to the back.

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