9 Best Pictures of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

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One of the most interesting things for viewers is to get a glimpse of what celebrities, our favourite or otherwise, look like behind all the foundation and pancake. While some celebrities prefer to look their beautiful best with a dash of makeup on a casual day out, others brave the cameras without a trace of makeup.

Take Rakhi Sawant for example. Known for her vivacious personality and brazen outlook, Rakhi Sawant is more often seen as a Bad-girl of Indian television and cinema but her emboldened image has the looks and curves to go with it which is why she took Bollywood by storm with her hot and sultry Item numbers. But as gorgeous as she looks when all dolled up for the camera, she looks equally pretty in those many instances when she has chosen to go barefaced without a trace of makeup.

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup:

1. Plain-Faced Rakhi:

rakhi sawant without makeup

This is a passport size photograph of Rakhi taken without any makeup. Her natural beauty is brought to the fore as boldly as her personality.

2. Colorful Delight:

Many celebrities would think twice of posing for the camera with a plain faced look stripped of even minimal makeup but not Rakhi Sawant. She does justice to her makeup free look sporting a pair of sunglasses on her head and wearing a colorful striped sleeveless top.

3. A Natural Wonder:

Rakhi Sawant can definitely afford to go out for a party without those layers of foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. She looks all the more charming with her hair worn loose around her shoulders. Wearing a casual yellow striped T-shirt and a smile on her face, her looks does work wonders.

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4. Chat Session From Home:

Every woman loves to look beautiful and makeup does just that. For actresses it is part and parcel of their profession while for some it becomes a part of their life. Not for Rakhi however. She even looks smoldering without it while she takes time to answer questions from her fans at home.

5. Item Queen Sans Makeup:

Rakhi Sawant photographed with boyfriend Abhishek is living proof of natural beauty. The bright yellow bandhani print kurta throws out her complexion while the glasses lend her a look of sophistication. With all the negativity surrounding her in show biz, her inherent beauty and honest outlook sure seem to be her saving grace.

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