15 Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs For Kids

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Kids in general are really fond of creative work and always need an opportunity to put their hands in colours. Rangolis can be a little difficult for the tiny ones; however, there are a few patterns which they might find it easy and enjoyable too. It will not turn out to be messy and will also be easy to clean up the place.

Cutest Rangoli Designs For Kids:

Below we have given list of most attracting easy and simple rangoli designs for kids.

1. Spiral Rangoli Design:

rangoli designs for kids

The design given above is one of the easy ways to make rangoli. One just has to spread the rangoli powder on the floor and then create spiral pattern by using the finger, the extra bit of the powder can be removed. Little decoration in the edge and in center will make it look absolutely complete. Such an easy rangoli pattern will definitely make the young ones enjoy this task.

2. Rangoli Design Made By Using Pulses:

Rangoli designs can also be made by using pulses. Different kinds of pulses of various shades will not only make the pattern look beautiful but will also create a sense of excitement among the kids. Small pieces of cardboard can be used to make the rangoli and then can be placed on the ground. This kid rangoli design gives a very organic look.

3. Play Dough Rangoli Designs:

Simple patterns can be made by using play dough. Children have always been fond of using play dough to create shapes of various kinds. Therefore, the idea of creating an entire rangoli out of lay dough adds a lot more thrill to it. It not only makes it look colorful but also adds a 3-d effect and also easy to clean up the space. The dough one used can also be reused for future purposes. This is one of the simple rangoli designs with dots for kids.

4. Colored Rice Easy Rangoli For Children:

Colored rice is available in most of the local stores and can also be easily made at home. One just needs to add paints to the rice, mix it well and let it dry for sometime. This kind of rangoli however turn out to be a little messy with kids, however, creating patterns in small plates can solve the problem. Cleaning up the space is not a thing to worry about and kids too remain clean.

5. Tin Foil Rangoli For Kids:

This is an extremely innovative idea to create a rangoli design for kids. Kids are definitely going to love playing around with foil. One has to create shapes by using colored foils and then paste it on a cardboard with the help of glue. This not only keeps the floor clean but also makes the rangoli look very bright and shiny.

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  1. ashimapatel

    July 20, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Awesome designs, I must say. They are so simple and can be made very easily.. so colorful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. afiza

    August 8, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    I loved this article very colorful and beautiful Images.Thank you so much

  3. ramya

    August 24, 2015 at 8:35 am

    it’s realy good, i will try to learn to my chiledrens……………..