Top 9 Red Blouse Designs

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Sarees are an effective part of the Indian culture and those cannot be completed without blouses. Blouses are like the lifeline of the traditional Indian trend which has been picked up again over the past few years and are giving the swag a tough competition. For the sake of culture, women are wearing more traditional clothes rather than the western ones. Now, that can be because of some kind of cultural revolution or the emerging trend of the blouses. There are many attractive colors for the blouses and the designs are also fascinating these days.

Beautiful and Attractive Red Blouse Designs:

Some of the best blouses with red color and magnificent designs are discussed below.

1. The Gem Blouse Design:

If you are looking for some red blouse designs, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have one of the most beautiful ones under this category, which sports a unique design along with some attachments. The blouse with it’s bright red color in the background is further beautified with some small attachments to the sides and the middle. At first, focus on the small particles that are done throughout the body of the blouse. Aren’t they amazing? Next, we have the awesome gem-like attachment to the lower portion. This blouse can be flaunted with pride and any Indian woman will happily wear this at a family event or event at a party.

2. The Square-Shaped Back Lace Red Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Square-Shaped Back Lace Red Blouse 2

Here, we have another interesting blouse design, which displays amazing sparkling design along with a bright pattern. The lace makes it easy to be worn by women. Without a doubt, this particular blouse piece can be claimed as one of the finest red blouse designs for women, that the stylist can ever recommend their clients, who are looking for something traditional as well as trendy.

3. The Maharashtrian Red Blouse Design:

Red Blouse Designs-Maharashtrian Red Blouse Design 3

These blouses are generally worn by women from Maharashtra. This is a great-looking traditional piece of clothing for women. The blouse comes with great texture and is one of the coolest-looking red blouses for women. It sports a great color along with small and intricate patterns done on the whole body. If you are looking for something attractive and smart-looking, then this blouse should be your primary preference. It comes with a lace at the back, which makes it easy to be worn. You can make this design suitable for people of all ages.

4. The Heavy Lace Red Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Heavy Lace Red Blouse 4

This is a cool blouse with a lace that is attached with a lot of small and attractive stuffs, that will take people’s attention to the beautiful back cutting of this traditional piece of clothing. It is one of the finest-looking blouse pieces out there and it is most suitable for parties. One can wear this stuff at events and receptions and weddings as well. The blouse will suit you the most if you have a slim physique. When you such great looks like the lady in this picture, then you can wear it with pride.

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5. The Rajasthani Red Blouse Design:

Red Blouse Designs-Rajasthani Red Blouse Design 5

You don’t get to see blouse like these everyday. It comes with an amazing texture along with a comfortable shape. This is probably one of the coolest red blouse that you have come through so far. Making and designing is a little hard for this one and that is why it has dropped to the last one on this list of the best red blouse designs. Rest assured, the small and intricate patterns knitted on this clothing piece is very alluring and definitely steals the looks.

6. The Long Sleeve Red Designer Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Long Sleeve Red Designer Blouse 6

If you need a red blouse, then go for this particular designer one. It displays a really good pattern at the front and the designs done on the sleeves are also quite attractive.

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7. The Red Designer Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Red Designer Blouse 7

This particular red designer blouse sports an awesome pattern and the delicate designs done on the blouse are also quite alluring as well.

8. The Red Long Cut Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Red Long Cut Blouse 8

This is a very stylish blouse, which sports the long cut trend along with delicate work throughout the blouse.

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9. The Sleeveless Designer Blouse:

Red Blouse Designs-Sleeveless Designer Blouse 9

This is very good blouse that comes in the holy red color and can be sported in weddings.

Red blouse designs are many but the above ones are some of the handpicked ones for you that you can easily invest in. So the next time, you are getting a red blouse stitched, you know what to see before doing that!