9 Best Retro Hairstyles

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When we think retro we think volume, volume and more volume in our hairstyle. Here is a pick of the nine best hairstyles from the bygone era.

retro hairstyles

Latest and Stylish Retro Hairstyles:

1. Classic Bouffant with Rolled ponytail:

This particular hairstyle was a rage amongst girls in the 1960’s. It had the sky high pouf and had the convenient ponytail with a curly end. No retro reference can ever be complete without this iconic style. To add the drama quotient you can accessorize with a bandana or a ribbon.

2. Retro Fringe:

Zooey Deschanel brought back this iconic retro style with her heavy fringes that almost cover her eyes. The volume and drama are synonymous with the retro era.

3. Retro Waves:

A Veronica Lake inspired hairstyle, where the natural length and flow of the hair is flaunted to the best. This is a lovely hairstyle for those with straight to wavy hair. Just roll out your big hair rollers and a blow drier to medium heat. The curves will move and fall naturally. Add some hair serum to max the gloss factor.

4. Swept Back Fringe and Waves:

When you add the retro waves to the swept back tousled fringe you get this classy number. Just sweep back the crown hair and bangs to the back of your head and you will get this effortless style. Keep the hair glossy and add a twist to the gathered hair or create a pouf, the variations are endless.

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