Romance Tips For Older Couples

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Whoever said romance lasts a lifetime was so right. Haven’t you seen senior citizens, walking hand in hand, strolling on the beach, talking to one another over coffee, sharing an ice-cream maybe? This is what we call romance and true love, because their love for one another has withstood the test of time. No matter what the ups and downs may have happened in their relationship, the two stood for one another. There may have been many external elements that tried to break them up or tear them apart, but it is their unconditional and undying love for one another, which overlooked it all and helped them sail the stormy seas of the past. Even Romeo and Juliet too had their own share of problems, they died for one another and that is why their love and romance is spoken off in high regards even today. Below we enlisted some of the best Romance Tips For Older Couples.

tips for older couples

Romance Ideas for Older Couples:

Expect Less And Love More:

As time flies by and ageing happens, couples grow old with one another and together. This is the real test, especially with health concerns happening now and then, a test which both the man and the woman needs to pass with flying colors.

Yes, it is understood that because of age and health reasons, on wouldn’t be as vigorous and flamboyant as what they were in their hay days, but that doesn’t mean as you age you let romance fizzle out. There are ways to rekindle the romance, even if the world says enough is enough.

1. What about looking through the old marriage album. Maybe complimenting your wife on the beautiful smile she has, just as it was on the day of your wedding. It shows that you still appreciate the pearly flash everyday. Maybe tease her a little and tell her how beautiful she still is, hold her hand and look into her eyes while doing so, it makes it super romantic.

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2. Maybe cook him his favorite dessert, even if the doctors have said no sugar for him. Ensure this is a one time affair and you keep sugar free substitutes to do so. Teasingly feed him and watch how his child-like behavior returns.

Look back into that library and take out audio and video cassettes, play songs of the days when you were young, reminisce the wonderful dances you both have been too. Maybe talk about your ex boyfriends and girlfriends, laugh it out on how silly it was all back then. Feel great about yourselves and re-ignite those passionate dances once again.

3. Snuggle up and watch a golden oldie movie together. Comment on each others views of the movies with wit and humor, tease each other, say stuff like “I wish I could marry Audrey Hepburn” or “Only if Johnny Depp was older”, create that positive tease and watch how the other one reacts.

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4. Maybe watch the latest music videos or fashion shows, comment and use wit to compare the fashion these days to that of the days gone by. Compliment yourselves for not having to be fad objects, have fun criticizing the skinny boys and girls these days.

5. Go out on a romantic dinner for two, just like it was back then. Maybe back to the same pub where the two of you had your first dance, dinner date or your first kiss. Rekindle that moment; make your partner feel special.

Keep In Touch With The Child Within:

Age is just a number, says an old adage. This is so true, the world maybe all high end and techno, but simplicity and modesty is what makes a relationship last a lifetime. Have more fun now; you have all the right to.

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