Russian Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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Russian women are the most beautiful all around the world and most have wondered the reason behind their beauty. Their expressive eyes, wonderful hair and flawless skin are desirous and have been a cause of envy for plenty. Their beauty secrets have recently been discovered and if you were in search of them, you can refer to the following paragraphs.

1. Eyes:

Russian women tend to have big and beautiful eyes and the best part is that they love to apply makeup all the time. You will hardly ever find Russian women who steps out of her house without doing some touch up. For their eyes, they use eye shadows, mascara and liners which give them a very sensuous and appealing appearance.

2. Hair:

Russia is a well known country which grows all kinds of herbs. The beauties of this country simply scrub the fresh juices of hops, plantain, nettle and clover on their scalp which makes their hair shiny, bouncy and very thick. It has been tried by all Russian women and the results are truly very effective.

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3. Skin:

The secret behind youthful and glowing skin among Russian women has been discovered lately and it is very interesting indeed. Instead of applying a moisturizer or doing heavy makeup, they simply slap their faces a few times. It helps their skin look beautiful, supple and healthy. Even though the tip sounds strange, it is effective indeed.

4. Diet:

Since Russia has cold weather all throughout the year, the women usually indulge into hot vegetable soups. They prefer to eat root vegetables even though they tend to have more calories than the rest. Although this is not a cause of worry for them as they burn it off by exercising daily.

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