15 Trendy Samsonite Bags for Business and Travel

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Today no single person steps out of his or her house without having a bag. Whether it is big suitcases or small pouch wallets, bags have taken an important place in the wardrobe of everyone. Several brands today are making various design bags for both men and women for a durable and dynamic effect. Among all the brands, Samsonite bags are quite popular for its leather material and amazing adorable designs.

samsonite bags

Samsonite bags were established in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, in Denver, Colorado. Starting with small wallets and pouch purses, it is now giving various different types of bags to the people to make their task easy and journey comfortable. Following are few bags products the company offers you.

Different Types of Samsonite Bags in India 2017:

Let us look into have some best samsonite bags in different sizes and models for men and women are as follows.

1. Samsonite Office Bag:

Samsonite back bag1

Back bags are quite popular among students and office workers. The Samsonite laptop bag can be easily carried at colleges, offices and while travelling to carry your laptops safely. They are also used for study purpose and also by students to travel somewhere for a day or two. The bag is made with leather and given extra pockets to store the laptop and its related accessories. They have introduced a new design where back bags are also given wheels on the end to get it dragged or a waist belt to support your back while carrying it.

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2. Samsonite Laptop Bag Shoulder:

Shoulder laptop bag2

Samsonite laptop bags are quite in trend but not all the business men prefer taking such carry bags with them to offices. For them, shoulder Samsonite laptop bag is available which can be carried on the shoulders or as a briefcase. It is made with high quality cotton and canvas material to avoid any damage to the laptop. Also there is extra place for the documents which are needed to be carried along.

3. Suitcase on Wheels Bag:

Suitcase on wheels bag3

Planning for a long journey with a heavy bag to carry! Samsonite has made it easy for you to travel without worrying about the heavy loads. Samsonite travel bag is the best you can have. They have fixed the heavy big suitcases on wheels so that you just have to drag them. Made with leather, canvas and fine cotton, it gives you a wide space to store your wardrobe properly. They are available in various sizes to fit your belongings in it.

4. Samsonite Leather Luggage Bag:

Leather round bag4

Travelling for few days on a mini vacation! Here we are with the best suitable bag design for you. A Samsonite travel bag in round shape is quite attractive for the travellers. Made out of leather, they are available in various colors, designs and shapes for your choice. It can also be fixed in wheels for the adults to travel with ease. Hence it is a bag with three qualities. It can be carried as a handbag, on shoulders and with wheels to drag.

5. Samsonite Trolley Bag for Kids:

Kids trolley bag5

Just and men and women have their separate choices for the travel bags, similarly the kids also have their own choice for the same. For them, Samsonite trolley bag has been introduced with their favorite cartoon or comic character. The trolley bags are given colors and designs in such an innovative manner that attracts the kids towards having them while travelling. They are also given wheels and handles that can be adjusted according to their height.

6. Fibre Cabin Samsonite Trolley Bag:

Fibre trolley bag6

A widely purchased trolley bag design is the one made with fibre. The Samsonite trolley bag is made with durable hard fibre material with cotton and canvas pockets inside the bag to keep your belongings safe. The bags are available in various catchy colors and embossed designs to make it different. You can also get your favorite picture printed on such trolley bags for a personalized bag. It is used by both men and women travelling to distant places.

7. Hand Luggage Duffle Bag:

Handbag duffle bag7

No doubt trolley bags are popular but there are still people who prefer to purchase duffle bags while travelling with fewer burdens. Still there are variations seen in the designs of the bags. A Samsonite duffle bag made of polystyrene is given a handbag like shape to make it more attractive for the buyers. The bags are also given material covers to make it more protective with various pockets to separate your belongings to be carried. The duffle is also available in various other shapes popularly known as the tote, hobo, rectangular, square, etc.

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