15 Latest Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs With Images

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Rangolis are the trend of almost all Hindu festivals. They are a way to make your houses look more festive and welcoming for the occasion. The concept of rangolis is quite simple, however there are several varying styles present that you can make use of. The Sanskar Bharti Rangoli is the name given to a particular kind of rangoli design that is generally made in Maharashtra.

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs:

These Marathi styles make use of three to four fingers to form the pattern with a white colored powder which serves as the border, into which you fill the colors. Sanskar bharti rangoli designs are colorful and greatly enhance the beauty of your home.

1. Big Sized Round Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Design:

Rangolis designs with concentric circles are the most common designs. You can make these designs simple by just filling in the different circles with different colors, or you can make it complicated by adding complicated patterns made with fine lines. The vibrant colors make the rangolis attractive and the complicated pattern produce comments of great praise. You can make this rangolis grander by increasing the size of the circle. This particular picture shows a rangolis that covers a vast area!

2. Sanskar Bharati Flower Rangoli Design:

Rangolis patterns make active use of floral designs. A central flower with abstract petal shapes around it is one of the best rangoli designs. The outline of the flowers includes some more detailing that makes the design more comprehensive and complicated.

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3. Sanskar Bharti Border Rangoli in White:

These rangolis include detailed and complicated rangolis patterns made with a white colored rangoli powder. Though these designs do not make use of much color the detailed patterns are enough to attract the onlooker’s attention and thus make these rangolis as praiseworthy as the others.

4. Diya Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs for Diwali:

Rangoli patterns with a central circle adorned with either more circles or other geometric patterns and surrounded by flower petals make for an amazing rangoli design. Add burning diyas to the picture and the design becomes one of the best of its kind!

5. Complicated Sanskar Rangoli Patterns:

More experienced rangoli makers have a very patient hand that is adept at making fine patterns with criss-crossing lines and various geometrical shapes. The method is the same, namely, make the border in white and then use attractive colors to enhance its lure. These complicated designs can be small or large, depending on the space it has to cover.

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  1. uma

    July 27, 2015 at 8:40 am

    Really nice and colorful rangoli designs.. They all are so traditional and beautiful. I would definitely try the 8th design as it is a perfect design. Thanks for sharing the post

  2. suguna

    August 17, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Interesting and colorful rangoli designs. Thanks for sharing the post

  3. sandriona

    August 29, 2015 at 10:39 am

    wow! beautiful designs…..