15 Unseen Pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup

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Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the most well-recognized American actresses is also a designer and a producer. This businesswoman has done a number of movie but she is mainly know for her role of Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO series, Sex and the City. This woman has got the looks and the talent and that is how she made it to the big screens.

Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup

Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup Pictures:

In this article, we will be discussing some Carrie Bradshaw no makeup pictures.

1. She Had Aged:

Carrie Bradshaw is not the same as she looked a few years before in the HBO series. Sarah does look a bit old these days but she is not hesitant regarding her blunt display of her totally real face in front of the media. Even with her aged facial flaws, this Hollywood Diva is not afraid of anything.

2. Morning Fitness Schedule:

Sarah Jessica Without Makeup 2

Sarah was looking totally makeup-free while this picture was taken. She was sporting her fit outfit and without any sort of artificial beautification, her face was looking alluring than ever. If you are looking for a good sarah jessica parker no makeup display, then this might be one of the most appropriate ones out there.

3. The White Top Beauty:

Sarah Jessica Without Makeup 3

Sarah jessica parker was spotted walking on the streets wearing a simple white tank top. She was displaying her rough but totally natural look. This busy woman probably doesn’t get time to wake in the morning and sit with the makeup kit. She can look really beautiful, even when she takes off the makeup and play the part of a simple woman.

4. That Shocking Look:

Sarah Jessica Without Makeup 4

Scared but beautiful, right? There are some women, who particularly look very attractive, when their shocking face comes on. This particular image sports the totally alluring face of Sarah, while she was shocked by some kind of action committed by the camera crew (probably). Whatever it was, the event did reveal the natural face of Sarah and her facial flaws were also prominent in this picture. She believes that people will recognize for her work more than her looks and that is suitable for her. She can live with that and be happy with her flaws as they are a part of her.

5. Those Bad Hair Days:

Sarah Jessica Without Makeup 5

Sarah was snapped at the airport, while she just got off a flight, with her hair all messed up. Still, she was looking very alluring and was looking her best self. The hair massacre didn’t seem to bother her or get her attention diverted, while she was busy displaying her natural face.

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