15 Indian Saree Blouse Neck Designs for Special Occasions

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Nowadays neck designs of blouses are very famous as they give an ethnic look with a trendy and stylish sarees. Whether it is a cotton saree or a plain chiffon saree, any simple looking saree can look unique and wonderful with a designer blouse piece which can make you look classy and sophisticated. Neck Designs of a blouse are a very important part which can contribute to the wearer’s overall look.


Latest Traditional Saree Blouse Neck Designs:

There are lots of latest blouse neck designs are available for everyone. Let’s have a look here to the top 15 Saree blouse neck designs.

1. Pot Neck Blouse Designs:


The Pot neck design is widely used in the Indian blouse designs. This blouse comes with the pot shape on the back neck of the blouse. The Pot neck saree blouse neck pattern works best with the strings or a knot on the top the neck.

2. V Back Neck Blouse Design:


The V back neck blouse is a very common design which looks very pretty and glamorous. You can add laces on the back neck of the border. To look more attractive you can tuck a pendant or stone at the end point of the V shape.

3. Chinese Collar Blouse Design:


The Chinese Collar design is a very trendy and beautiful neck style. This saree blouse design works well with the formal sarees , but if you want to make it for a party occasion then you can add laces or piping on the border of the collar. This design goes well with the half and full sleeves.

4. Boat Neck Saree Blouse Design:


It is one of the latest styles in Blouse neck designs, which is being used widely by the woman’s.  If you want to try something different in your neck design you can go for this boat neck. To look more attractive add embroidery laces to the neckline of the blouse.

5. One Shoulder Neck Blouse:


The one shoulder neck design is one of the most hottest and trendy styles and due to its trendy looks it becomes the celebs first choice. This Neck design works best with the net saree. One can use a lace border to your simple blouse neck design in order to make your own style statement.

6. Strings Back Neck Blouse:


The Strings back blouse is best for the wedding or a party occasion. You can choose any designer neck shape and add tassels strings on the back of your blouse. A woman who wants to look very stylish and different can go for this style.

7. Off Shoulder Back Neck Blouse:


In this design you will get the off shoulder neck without sleeves. This saree blouse neck design gives you an elegant and gorgeous look.  You can use this design for the front neck also. The off shoulder design is very bold and stylish and go well with the embroidered sarees.

8. Net Back Neck Blouse:


In this style you will get the full net on the back side of your blouse. You can choose any style or design for the back neck and add net with that design. One can use different types of net like plain net, flower net, etc. This Back neck net blouse adds glamour to your appeal.

9. Knot Back Neck Blouse:


The knot back neck style is a very bold and trendy design in the category of saree blouse back neck designs. In this you get a knot at the back of your blouse. You can also use multi knots to add some creativity.

10. High Neck Blouse Designs:


The high neck blouse design gives you a very classy and rich look. You can use different types of laces to border the neck line. If you want to make it more elegant you can add net on the back side of the blouse or can add an embroidered patch.

11. Square Neck Design:


The square neck design is a very common style in Indian outfits. One can use this design for the both front and back neck. To make your simple saree blouse neck design little more attractive you can add sequence laces to the borderline of the neck, also can add strings to the back side of the blouse.

12. Sweet Heart Neck Design:


The sweet heat neck is a very pretty style with a heart shape neck to the front side of the blouse. If you have a special occasion, then this will be the best choice for you. This style works with the all types of sarees.

13. Halter Neck Blouse Design:


The halter neck blouse style goes well with the all types of sarees. You can add mirrors or sequins to look more beautiful and stylish. Whether you want to look formal or casual this style works with all the looks.

14. Butterfly Neck Blouse:


The Butterfly Neck blouse is something unique and stylish in the category of saree blouse back neck designs. This style gives you an ethnic and modern look. You can choose this design with the butterfly collar for the front neck.  Adding some laces and strings in this design can pop up your overall look.

15. U Neck Blouse Design:


The U neck blouse design is a common style which is widely used by the woman’s for formal wear and daily bases. Indian women’s mostly choose this U neck style for their Indian saree blouse neck designs. You can also choose this design for the front neck style also. Adding Flower laces or piping to the border of the neck can make you look more stylish and trendy.

The blouse is an integral part of the saree and perfect designer blouse can enhance the pretty look of the saree. A Designer neck blouse gives a rich and high class look to the whole attire of a woman. A Perfect fit and captivating blouse neck design can boost the look even of the simple saree. That’s why it is very important to choose a suitable blouse neck design that will make you get the complements for your saree as well as your personality. One can do the experiments with the various latest and modern saree blouse neck patterns. So, if you want to become an eye catching personality in your social occasions you can go for these stylish saree blouse neck designs.

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