30 Latest Indian Saree Blouse Designs Gallery 2017

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Saree blouses need to be chosen with attention to every single detail since they appeal to the overall appearance of the woman sporting it. On a whole, let’s just say that all it takes is one bad blouse day to ruin your place on the fashion parade. The beauty of a saree is beyond spoiled as well. Well, to work on a saree, use a blouse that matches your design just as much.

sarees blouse designs

Modern Saree Blouse Designs And Patterns in Trend:

Look at here, we share some of trendy saree blouse designs for women, to select for different sarees in modern world.

1. High Neck Blouse for Saree:

Saree Blouse Designs-Sleek Red and Black Blouse 1

The high necked beauty that this saree blouse is, it has a sleeveless design that looks so chic and contemporary because of the pattern at the same time. Best worn with any saree with polka dots, this blouse literally has nothing you can hate about it, so you should start looking up for it online, to wear it to the next casual hangout party you make an appearance in.

2. Off Shoulder Saree Blouse:

Saree Blouse Designs-Off Shoulder Blouse 2

The blouse design for saree that you can lay your eyes on here is a pink off shoulder one with a silver lace around. The blouse itself is gorgeous and follows the latest trends of fashion perfectly. You can either wear it with a similar design saree or a transparent or net one, so that the beauty of the blouse doesn’t have to be hidden away.

3. Broad Neck Blouse Pattern:

Saree Blouse Designs-Violet Blouse 3

With violet laces and a different design on the upper half, this broad neck blouse is stunning and ideal for situations when you want to look different, but not come off as too flashy. The blouse also has a good deal of the simple pattern doing rounds throughout, giving the overall look a class. The violet saree teamed along with the blouse does not match the pattern, but still manages to impress.

4. V Neck Saree Blouse Pattern:

Saree Blouse Designs-Blue and Golden Blouse 4

The deep neck of the blouse makes it in accordance with the latest blouse designs. The V neck both in front and back makes it unique and the golden color adds to the charm on the blue. Floral patterns sit well on this one and if you can’t step out of your home more than a few times without the flowers on you, nothing will please you more than this design.

5. Sheer Back Sari Blouse:

Saree Blouse Designs-Blue Sheer Blouse 5

Just when you thought you had enough business with the blues, here is a royal blue blouse with a sheer back to blow your mind. It is quite a simple one, with polka dots in front and a zari on the sheer back. The sleeves are sheer as well, and we can almost see that you will not mind having this one on your collection. The laces that act as a border to your blouse will do justice to it well.

6. Halter Neck Blouse:

Saree Blouse Designs-Halter Neck Blouse 6

The three mirrors equispaced on the blouse is what first draws your attention. Then you see the beautiful color, stonework and zari on the blouse. It is halter neck, with a front slit, making it at par with the trends on.

7. Red Blouse with Zari:

Saree Blouse Designs-Red Blouse with Zari 7

It is almost impossible for someone to see the blouse and act like it isn’t a gorgeous one. The zari and laces are horizontally placed on the back and vertically in front, and the string tied on the back completes the look of the blouse.

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