9 Pictures of Scarlett Caught on Camera in No Makeup

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6. On The Set:

Scarlett Johansson without makeup6

Yet another makeup-free picture, Scarlett Johansson looked tired but still managed to show her confidence and peek out of her vanity van asking for her wig. Scarlett rarely puts on any makeup and tries to avoid beauty products as much as possible.

7. Shopping in Paris:

Scarlett Johansson without makeup7

Scarlett Johansson was spotted shopping in Paris where she seemed comfortable in displaying her funky out fir and makeup-free face. The MTV Movie Award Winner hardly can look alluring by simply putting on a gray full sleeve top upon a lime dress with a pair of dark colored jeans.

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8. The Photo-Ready Look :

Scarlett Johansson without makeup2

In this picture, Scarlett johansson looks absolutely gorgeous as she ties her hair around tight at the back. Scarlett’s natural beauty gets exposed in this picture. She can simply look attractive by wearing a gray thermal t-shirt by showing off her no-makeup face.

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9. Hiding From The Camera:

Scarlett Johansson without makeup9

Scarlett Johansson was spotted eating her lunch. She was trying to avoid the paparazzi but the cameraman spotted her and clicked some of her makeup-free pictures from a favorable angle.

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