Top 9 School Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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It is not necessary to wear school hairstyles only at your school. You can wear them on a daily basis, on a date or anywhere you want. These hairstyles are simple and can be styled without any effort. If you’re looking for trendy school hairstyles, simply go back to school hairstyles for medium length hair.

School Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Easy School Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Here is a list of 9 best school days hairstyles for medium length hair.

1. Braided Cute School Hairstyle:

School Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1

This is a shoulder-length hairstyle which looks great with braids on the top. For styling this look, you will need a number of hairpins to secure the hair. Wear this look at your school to impress everyone. This trendy look is also suitable for women aging not more than 30.

2. Adorable Ponytail:

School Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2

This is not just an ordinary ponytail. It comes with magnificent braids. If you’re a professional in doing braids then you can style this look easily. However, if you’re not, you will definitely need an extra hand. This look neglects all kinds of bangs and focuses on making the hair look precise and appealing.

3. Side Braided Hairstyle:

School Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3

Women and girls with medium length hairstyle can style their hair by tying braids on one side and setting the other side loose. This unique look can be attained by pulling and braiding the hair on one side which will further allow the rest of the hair on the other side to lie loose. At your school this side braided hairstyle will make you the most adorable lady.

4. Shaggy Bun Hairstyle:

School Hairstyles for Medium Hair 4

This messed up bun is of the trendiest hairstyle for school goers. It looks very attractive just because of the bun. Here the shaggy hair is pulled together and tied to form a bun but not too tight. It is rather a loose bun which looks as it will collapse, but it is properly secured to stay intact.

5. Layered Side Swept Bangs For School:

School Hairstyles for Medium Hair 5

Girls with naturally red hair can carry this look easily. Here the hair is very well layered and the fringe is pushed to the side to cover the forehead incompletely. Besides the red color, this hairstyle has zero requirements and thus can be carried easily.

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