Top 15 Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet

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Pregnancy requires extra care for the women since she is now nurturing two bodies instead of one and thus diets for the whole course of pregnancy should be taken seriously to have healthy baby. Second trimester diet should also be taken care of to maintain a healthy pregnancy. These are the 15 foods you can include in your diet for being healthy-

1. Milk:

Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Milk

Milk is a very healthy diet as it contains good amount of proteins and calcium that is important for the growth and development of the baby and also the calcium helps to strengthen the bones of the growing baby. You can drink milk as it is or using it you can make other healthy drinks by combining other nutritious ingredients to it.

2. Canned Sardines:

Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Canned Sardines

Canned sardines are highly rich in calcium as well as in omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium. Your second trimester pregnancy diet should contain this as the omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the development of your baby’s brain. You can include this as a part of your salad or make other delicious things out of it.

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3. Variety OF Vegetables:

Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Vegetables nutrition

Foods to eat during pregnancy second trimester must contain veggies. Vegetables are full of nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium etc. and also contain fibers and minerals which are very important for the right development of the fetus and your healthy helps the baby to mature fully and develop necessary organs at the correct time thereby reducing the chances of birth defects.

4. Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds:



A handful of pumpkin and sunflower seeds daily for your diet are a very rich source of iron and magnesium which help in good growth of baby. You can include these in your diet as snacks, or you can add it to yoghurt and salad too to gain the rich nutrients you need during pregnancy.

5. Plain Yoghurt:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Plain Yoghurt

Yogurt is highly rich in calcium which will help to keep your bones strong as well as manage to fully develop the bones of your baby. You can add other nutritious ingredients like blackberries which are rich in magnesium to add to the nutritional value of yogurt and continue this healthy diet throughout your pregnancy.

6. Dry Fruits:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are one of the important foods to eat during pregnancy second trimester as they are highly nutritious in value. Dry fruits like apricots, almonds, dates, figs etc. are a good source of calcium and iron that should be included in your daily diet. You can add these dry fruits to other foods to enhance their nutritional value.

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7. Brown Rice:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Brown Rice

Brown rice are a rich source of calcium, iron and vitamin D which is very important for the growth and development of bones and also the iron is required for the manufacturing of red blood cells so that there is no oxygen deficiency. In combination with mushrooms this can prove as a very good nutritious diet. It also contains a good amount of fiber which will help you to prevent constipation during pregnancy.

8. Dark Chocolate:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the best foods to eat while pregnant second trimester as it contains good amount of the bromine which is very helpful in relaxing your muscles and dilate blood vessels. It can help to decrease stress during pregnancy and also lower the blood pressure which aids in keeping you healthy throughout your pregnancy.

9. Baked Potato With Beans:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Baked Potato With Beans

Bakes potato with beans is an iron rich, fiber rich meal which will help you to maintain healthy routine during pregnancy and also save your baby from any sort of infection or birth defect. This is the best dish you can include in your daily meals for a healthy diet and be healthy.

10. Fish:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Fish

Fish is extremely rich in low fat protein which is very healthy and will help you to maintain your weight as well as have proteins for the development of your baby and your healthy pregnancy. Choose the right variety of fish and have it boiled rather than fried to maintain healthy diet as fried foods can worsen your nausea or dizziness which is common during pregnancy.

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11. Eggs:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Eggs

Eggs are highly rich in proteins which are important for the maintenance of body and they are extremely essential for baby’s growth and ensure that the baby is born without defects. You can use eggs to make delicious dishes to satisfy your cravings during the pregnancy time and also use it as your breakfast.

12. Spinach and Lettuce:

Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Spinach and Lettuce

Spinach and lettuce are highly rich in iron and folic acid. High amount of iron will help you fight with the anemic conditions which maximum women face during pregnancy. You can use spinach and lettuce as your daily salad or put a handful of it in scrambled eggs or other foods.

13. Whole Wheat Bread:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Whole Wheat Bread

Healthy food during pregnancy second trimester is whole wheat bread that is rich in fibers, vitamin B and folic acid. Folic acid is essential for development of the baby and blood formation ensuring there is no deficiency or infection in the baby while it is growing inside the body of the mother. Any whole grain bread in the breakfast will be a good choice to fulfill your fiber requirements of the body.

14. Fruits:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Fruits

Fruits contain essential minerals and nutrients that help to fight the infections mother or baby can get during the pregnancy. Essential nutrients like citric acid helps in prevention of birth defects and other vitamins that can help the baby to save from various deficiency diseases at the time of birth thereby increasing the immunity of the baby!

15. Bran Cereals:Healthy Foods For Your Second Trimester Diet-Bran Cereals

Bran cereals are one of the best sources of fibers. Fibers are very good for solving the problem of constipation during pregnancy as they help in bowel movement. Fibers also maintain the blood glucose levels in our body and hence protect the expectant mother from gestational diabetes too. You should have good amount of fibers and roughage for healthy baby.

A healthy diet during your second trimester will help you have least problems during your pregnancy and also help your baby to be healthy and also good for your whole course of pregnancy.