9 Most Famous lord Shiva Temples In India

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Lord Shiva is a Hindu god worshiped by Shaivaities. He is known as the destroyer of the universe and is also one of the three main gods of the Hindu religion. Since Lord Shiva occupies a special space in the minds and hearts of tons of Indians, there are a number of Shiva temples all around India. Some of these were constructed by famous personalities and some of them hold a substantial amount of facts regarding the birth of the universe.

lord Shiva Temples In India

Biggest and Oldest Shiva Temples in India:

Here are some of the ancient lord Shiva temples in India that one must visit.

1. Kedarnath Temple: Uttarakhand


This Shiva temple stands strong in Uttarakhand and is one of the most popular religious sites in the city. The temple is situated in a beautiful site near Mandakini River. This temple forms a part of the five temples of the Panch Kedar. Located on the Dev Bhumi in Uttarakhand this temple is open for visitors from April to November.

2. Somnath Temple: Gujarat

Somnath Temple

The Somnath Shiva Temple is located in Gujarat. This famous temple is one the twelve Jyotrilingo temples which were dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva. One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of the Somnath Temple is that this Shiva temple experienced a number of historically significant events which occurred long time back.

3. Mallikarjuna Swamy: Andhra Pradesh

Mallikarjuna Swamy

Mallikarjuna Swamy temple is located in Andhra Pradesh and is one of the jyotrilinga shrines. Being situated on the bank of Krishna River, this temple is of immense historical importance and is one of the most visited religious sites in the country. The temple was constructed by King Harihara Raya.

4. Lord Shiva Mahakaleshwar Temple: Madhya Pradesh


In Madhya Pradesh, there is a famous Shiva temple known by the named, Mahakaleshwar. Mahakal is considered as lord of death for the earth, hell, and heaven. Mahakal is basically the fierce figure of the mighty Lord Shiva who is considered as the terminator of all evils.

5. God Shiva Temple Omkareshwar: Madhya Pradesh


This is yet another Shiva temple located in Madhya Pradesh and stands on an island shaped land on River Narmada. This is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the city. In this temple, the pujas are held during mid-day and the morning worship is done by the temple trust.

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