30 Stylish and Best Shoes for Men in Fashion 2017

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Shoes is an item of men’s footwear which protects human foot. It is to be worn while doing various activities. It is also treated as an item of decoration also. Through time, the design of shoes has got enormous variations. Every man has passion for shoes. Today men want to look best to get his work done. There are different types of shoes for every different occasion. The shoe design differs from culture to culture and function to function. Shoes have become an essential necessity of men. It is a best companion for men.

Shoes for Men

30 Latest and Fashionable Mens Shoes Designs in Trend:

Let we have look at the top 30 stylish shoes for men in india.

1. Black Leather Oxford Shoes:

Black Leather Oxford Shoes

It is undoubtedly the best one. Earlier, oxford shoes were available in black color only. But now we can see variety of colors. It is laced shoes that are characterized by its shoelace eyelet tabs. It is timeless and goes great with formal. The toe section is extended for the comfort of wearer. It is simply a stylish shoe.

2. Monk Strap Mens Shoes:

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap does not have laces. It gets closed by buckle and straps. It has either one strap or two straps. In this case, strap is considered as an accessory. It is also a formal and casual shoe for men but less than an oxford shoes. It is fashionably curved with unique color. There are even three straps available in Monk but it is not much used.

3. Derby Shoes:

Derby Shoes -3

These nice shoes for men have wider opening shoe lace. This method is also known as ‘open lacing’. In these shoes, shoelace eyelet is sewn on top of the vamp. Because of open laces, you can easily put your legs on. In this, the laces are hidden like concealed. This shoe is apt for those who have big feet. The toe portion is also wide.

4. Wingtip Mens Shoes:

Wingtip Shoes-4

Wingtip shoes have a W shape design on the toe cap. Black and white color stylish shoes for men are decorated with dots. In this, the leather is perforated with a standard pattern. A toe cap is given nice curves. Inside there is red color fabric. It has wide opening so a man can easily put his feet in and out. The W design is its identity.

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