9 Latest Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs

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In the hair world we refer bangs to the frontal locks which can be anything from long to short, thick to thin depending on your face structure and more importantly your desire. The bang hairstyle has been here through seasons and in fact is one of the most common and safest hairstyles girls usually opt for. This is almost a go to hairstyle basic which is inculcated in the modern day hairstyles. Now different people come with different face shapes and types and therefore it is here that the different people need to opt for different hairstyles.

short hair with bangs

Short Hair with Bangs 2017:

In this article we give you a detailed account of all the times short bangs rocked the summers.

Wavy Look Short Hair with Bangs:

short bang hairstyles1

This is a good option for a side bang hairstyle. This is not only for you as a teenager but also a great look for the older women who chooses to keep it short and fit. To get this look opt for soft beach wave, but only on the upper layers. The rest of the hair is straight giving off the calmness to the chic side parted lock.

The Fun Bangs:

short bang hairstyles2

This is called the fun bangs because of its playfulness in the character and texture of the haircut. The rest of the hair sans the bangs are teased into a messy head while the bangs are cut French style into the front which ends just a little above your eyes covering your brows.

The Intense Bang:

short bang hairstyles3

The intense bang hairstyle is somewhat similar to the prior mentioned look but the difference lies in the seriousness which is why the name intense is related to this hairstyle. Unlike the early one, the front bangs this time are much deeper and properly maintained. The thickness accounts for a change in the look.

Retro Lock Long Hair with Bangs:

short bang hairstyles4

Now these front locks are much more blunt and soft in nature with a bright auburn hue to it. Of course the color of the lock is not mandatory but if you want a good hairstyle for the summer without the bangs bothering you, this hairstyle might be the one for you.

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