9 Beautiful Short Chains in Different Designs

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Chain is an accessory worn around the neck. This is the most elegant way of styling your neck. The length, pattern and type of metal used to make gives whole lot of different look in each chain. Most people like short chains as they are not so flashy yet they look so amazingly stylish. It can be worn on any occasion. Fat short chains are perfect for Indian functions, whereas slim short ones are perfect for daily use.

short chain designs

Latest Short Chain Designs:

Short chains are worn for all occasions as they come in styles. Silver and gold is most liked style. Rose gold is an upcoming style too. Here are few Short Chains in Different Designs .

1. Silver and Gold Short Chain:

Short Chains

Gold and silver is everyone’s favorite combination in jewellery. It has the shine of gold and soberness of silver. Gold and silver short chain is perfect for parties and formal dinners. You should be careful and you should use it well. It is advised to avoid spray of perfumes on it.

2. Pearl Short Chain:

Pearl Short Chain

Pearl is always liked by women. They are beautiful to look at and not at all flashy. They are perfect for Sunday Brunch with your boss’s family. You can wear it with both Indian and Western dresses.

3. V type Gold Short Chain:

V type Short Chain

V type short chain has a solid ‘V’ in the center. It is meant to catch your attention. This is a very modern design. It looks formal and very chic. You can wear it to work on daily basis. They are liked by all as not everyone wants to wear pendant.

4. Bow Ribbon Short Chain:

Bow ribbon Short Chain

Bow ribbon short chain is a very girly design. It has bow ribbon made in the centre. Many young girls wear it to college. It is a very casual style. You can wear it for any occasion as it gives you a very girly look.

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