9 Latest Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

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Natural curls add a good texture to the hair and can be styled in more ways when compared to straight hair. These create a bounce and volume that makes any hairstyle look more attractive and glamorous.

short curly hairstyles

Short Curly Haircuts for Women 2017:

Here are a few short hairstyles for curly hair especially for those who love to wear them short and keep the overall look very feminine. Read on for these hot and happening hairstyles for short curly hair.

1. Short Tight Curls Hair:

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Tight curls are difficult to manage in a definite cut. This is a nice way to style tightly curled hair where it is kept short from all sides. The cut surely gets its look from the amazing texture that the curls give. Use of right hair colours also adds a lot of depth to the overall look.

2. Tumble Down Short Curls:

Tumble down curls are those where the hair is straighter near the crown but gives a wavy texture to the lower part of hair. This is applicable for any length of hair. The look is very different where the bangs are maintained short to give a fuller look and straight texture, while the hair at crown is maintained short and is comparatively wavier.

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3. Short Curly Bob:

Bob cut has been in fashion since a long time and will continue to remain so. This A-line cut with wavy curls makes the hair look very voluminous and never goes out of place for any occasion.

4. Short Blunts Style for Curly Hair:

Blunts usually make the face look thinner, but when done for curly hair, can make a thin face look fuller. It is well suited for ladies of all age groups and is very easy to maintain too. This has been the ladies’ favourite and adds a lot of volume to short hair.

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