9 Latest Short Funky Hairstyles for Women 2017

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If you like to keep up with the day to day changing fashion then this is the time to go funky. If you’re carrying a short hairstyles then make it look funky and rock that look proudly. Women who are self-confident would not be afraid to try something different. So we have brought you some of the best funky looks for short hair which can be easily carried.

Short Funky Hairstyles 2017:

The best funky hairstyles for short hair that you should try out at this moment are as follows:-

1. Funky Short Blonde Hairstyles:

Short Funky Hairstyles 1

Women with naturally blonde hair will cut their hair short for this look. A lot of women crave for this hairstyle as it was worn by a model in the Mercedes Fashion Week. You don’t need much time to style this look, but your stylist will. Cutting the hair is the real deal. The hair should be cut properly to frame your face and make you look alluring.

2. Mohawk Look Funky Short Hair:

Short Funky Hairstyles 2

This hairstyle is popular from the moment Miley Cyrus carried it. It is different from all the hairstyles that you have tried. The hairstyle will allow you to keep the middle part a bit more voluminous than the sides which are cut densely.

3. The Side Shave Funky Haircut:

Short Funky Hairstyles 3

Shaving the sides is a trendy way to sport your hair these days. Women with moderately short hair can carry this look by simply shaving the sides and keeping the middle portion textured with the help of a styling gel. The haircut will provide you with a rebellious carefree look.

4. Side Swept Short Funk Cut with Bangs:

Short Funky Hairstyles 4

If you have long hair then cut it short to form a bang at the front. The next step will be shifting those bangs to the left side of your face (as in the picture). This hairstyle will not cause you much trouble as it is easy to style and maintain.

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