9 Latest Short Hairstyles for Women with Fat Faces

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While selecting a short hairstyle for your big face, you’ll have to be very careful. Every short hairstyle will not suit a chubby, round face. However, there are some hairstyles which will make your fat face look very adorable and appealing. Short bob haircuts are a decent option to hide the fat face and even slim it down. There are many hairstyles other than bob’s, which will help you gain the desired slim face look that you always wanted.

short haircuts for fat faces

Short Haircuts for Fat Faces Women:

Some of the best short hairstyles for fat faces women are discussed below.

1. Short Cropped Bob with Bangs:

Short Hairstyles For Fat Faces

This trendy look is one of the best looks that you can have with your short hair. It will reduce the roundness of the face by hiding the edges. The hair is voluminous on the top and fringed on the front. The front part of the hair hides the forehead and puts more focus on the nose, lips and cheeks.

2. Layered Short Bob with Spikes:

Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces2

This layered bob hairstyle comes with spikes on the top which is the main attraction. Here more emphasis is laid on the upper part of the hair rather than the face. People will look at the magnificent spikes and forget that you have a chubby face. Thick hair will be best for this look.

3. Chin Length Bob with Bangs:

Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces3

The short hair could have never been styled better than this. Here the hair is till chin length and the fringe covers the forehead. Instead of expanding the width of the face, this hairstyle will angle the face and give it a suitable frame which will turn heads. It will make your cheekbones look flattering and provide you with an all over versatile look.

4. Side-Swept Bangs Short Bob for Women with fat Face:

Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces4

Side-swept bangs always look good on broad and round faces. In this particular cut, the hair is capacious on the top which adjusts the face frame. Side-swept bangs make this look even more attractive. This hairstyle doesn’t let your face reveal the round texture. So far this is one of the coolest hairstyles for fat faces.

5. Pixie Haircut with Narrow Sideburns:

Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces5

If you have a fat face then this might be the ideal look for you. This haircut will look good blonde hair. Here the hair covers a part of the forehead and provides the face with a natural and angelic look. It is the best pixie for fat faces.

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