9 Latest Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

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Short hair looks are very popular these days. These keep the back sweat free and are low on maintenance. Therefore these are very popular amongst busy women and also busy college students.

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Cute Short Haircuts for Girls 2017:

Below are the top 9 short hairstyles for girls that a person should definitely try out.

1. Edgy Short Haircut for Young Girls:

short hairstyles for girls1

This is an uneven edgy messed look. This hairstyles can be good for girls who like to sport boyish looks. This is low maintenance and also good for summers.

2. Back Pleated Short Look for Girls:

short hairstyles for girls2

This is stylish party attire. Sections from the sides can be taken from the sides and then these can be clipped at the back with a pleating. The rest of the hair can be made into rolls and then these can be clipped. Sprays will be helpful to keep the style maintained till next wash.

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3. Frontal Boyish Look Haircut for Girls:

short haircuts for girls

This is a favourite look of many people who do not like longer lengths. This has a cropped back and the frontal fringes are shifted to a side. This is quite stylish and can be maintained without much maintenance. This can be done with some coloured hues as well for parties. This can also be a good cut for the summers.

4. Bumped up Pony Style Hair:

short hairstyles for girls4

Hived looks are very popular these days. These are also all time favourites of many women. These can be created using padding insertions after taking sections out from the back. These can be clipped to increase the volume. These are available in most shops which sells styling products. The rest of the sections can then be shifted back and clipped over the padding foam. This can then be increased in volume. This can be a party look for shorter length of sections. This can also be a summer time easy to wear sweat free look.

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