50 Latest Hairstyles For Short Hair For Women

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Back in my childhood days, we would all huddle up near my grandmother while she would tell tales as she tied our hair into a long braid. She would go on to tell, how in her childhood days she would have a much longer trail going all the way across her hips and how we would laugh at the fun stories she would share. Then for quite a short span of time, the fashion trends changed and focused mainly on the middle length hair. Then again the world said the olden days were golden and in came the long mane once again. Even though as of late, the world has reminisced a bit with their olden day favorite stars, often the latest of the trends have shown how the affinity of women has been bending towards now sporting short hair.

hairstyles for short hair

The busy women on a daily basis now wants to rid themselves of the pain of having to sit through a rigorous hair tying process and that is why the modern women have all established themselves beautiful with the now new haircut style which is soft and short and yet impactful. The power of short hair has been quite recently realized when women embraced the new trend and therefore moved on to make some powerful fashion statements.

Easy Haircuts for Short Hair Women 2017:

Given below are some of the best short hairstyles that the modern woman can take a cue from.

1. Cute Bob Haircut for Short Hair:

short hairstyles1

Ever since the short hair trend started, people have been focusing on the bob quite a lot and hence the first to our list of many is the classic bob haircut. The hairstyle here has a slight lock that has been parted from one side and falls precariously on your forehead while the rest of the hair ends just underneath your jaw line accentuating it all the more.

2. The Angular Look Short Haircut:

short hairstyles2

The next to the list is the angular look which has been doing its fair share of rounds after the short haired trend bug bit it. Usually the common scene would include a front long, longer than the rest jutting out in an angular fashion falling slant ways across your forehead. Often the rest of the hair is either kept behind the lock level or simply cut all the way up.

3. Scruffles Hairstyle for Short Hair:

short hairstyles3

The scruffles hairstyle here is called the shag haircut where the layers are in multitude easily topped one after the other to add volume and personality to your look while trying to keep the locks free and fluffy by cutting them short enough stacking them in place. Once again the front layer is bigger than the rest.

4. New Short Thick Hairstyle:

short hairstyles4

To everyone whose scared of losing their hair depth by cutting their hair short, here is a classic example of how you can retain your hair in the perfect length and at the same time make sure you don’t stay behind the fashion line. The hair is perfectly set across your forehead and made into smart layers of two. Once again it ends underneath the jaw line.

5. The Maximum Boy Haircut:

short hairstyles5

This hairstyle shows the least amount of hairstyle that you can rock and at the same time keep the trend setters on their heels. If the busy morning is too much for you, simply opt for the classic boy cut hairstyle with some scruffy front layers falling just above your eyebrows creating the perfect mix to your short navy styled back.

6. The Limited Waves Short Hair:

short hairstyles6

The hair here is limited to the ear level and within this mini bob hairstyle, the locks which are in a single layer is styled to a soft beach wave. The front is a little more freely set than the back which is constricted due to all the layer build up. It will be stay in first place of best short hairstyles for women with simple cares.

7. Another Angular Hair Look:

short hairstyles

This is yet another angular fashioned hairstyle somewhat different than the one we already spoke about. This hairstyle is inspired by the angular fashion when paired with our mini bob elaborated just prior to this. Much like them, the hair on the front is soft and rolled into a swirl while the rest of the lock, shorter than the front lock is constricted and held in place.

8. The Little Ponytail Hairstyles:

short hairstyles8

To get this look, all you need is a simple pony with soft short front layers and when the front layers bother you in the heat just pull them back and secure them into a little pony at the crown of your head.

9. The Smoldering Look:

short hairstyles9

This hairstyle is yet another variation to a solid bob but this time the features and the textures of the lock are fashioned in a feminine way with some of the lock on the front softly brushing against the forehead falling to one side.

10.The Side Lock Short Hair:

short hairstyles10

Here we have another angular look where the hair is definitely a statement piece with its bigger than the rest ritualistic side lock that goes all the way to the side of the jaw line while the rest unlike the other hairstyles are kept to the bare minimum with short choppy locks.

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