15 Latest Short Mangalsutra Designs with Images

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6. Short Ganthan Mangalsutra:

Short Ganthan Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is a very unique one with the design that it has. The chain has a black beaded design attached to it linearly and two big beads hanging in the bottom along with black jewels giving it a gorgeous look. The design is such that it would very much fit your neck to let the design be a centre of attraction in the crowd. So buy it for your wedding.

7. Flower Diamond Short Mangalsutra:

Flower diamond shortmangalsutra

The mangalsutra is a solid one with bold round black beads above and the diamond flower with the leafy structure attached to it. The mangalsutra is a unique and a beautiful one to be bought for your wedding. So buy it and make your wedding special.

8. Rounded Hollow Locket Short Mangalsutra:

Rounded hollow locket short mangalsutra

The short mangalsutra is a classy and a creatively designed necklace for your wedding. The locket in the mangalsutra has a hollow round locket giving it a classy look. The chain is a creative one with one side with the black beads and the other one being a golden chain. A perfect option for your modern wedding, buy this for your wife!

9. Solid Heavy Short Mangalsutra Designs:

Solid Heavy Short Mangalsutra9

The mangalsutra is a pure gold with the golden round beads attached to the black beaded chain above. This one has heavily designed mangalsutra with the single red stone in the locket. This mangalsutra is perfect traditional ornament for your wedding.

10. Multiple Strands Jewelled Short Mangalsutra:

Multiple Strands Jewelled Short Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra has golden round accessories in the chain with the many thin chains attached to it beneath with the little black beads. If your wife is one of those with liking the heavily jewelled necklaces, the mangalsutra is the one for her!

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