15 Best Travel and Business Shoulder Bags for Women & Men

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The bags have always being given new and exciting designs according to new demands of the customers. The simple shoulder bags of the early days are now replaced with stylish, designer, simple, beaded, handled, and many more different types of shoulder bags for both men and women. Not only the adults but also the teens and college buddies are widely getting confused using the latest trends from the market for selection.


Women’s Shoulder Bags in Trend:

The shoulder bags for women are available in very fancy and delicate styles while men’s shoulder bags are quite fascinating to be carried. Following are few fabulous shoulder bags widely seen.

1. Attached Shoulder Bag:

Attached Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag design gives you a dual benefit here. The large shoulder bags here come with a small wallet bag attached with it. The leather bag in brown is quite amazing with cross chit prints giving any casual dress a fabulous look. It is widely used for regular use, for shopping, small picnics or big trips etc. It is available in various different prints and colors which are quite preferred for jeans. The bags are widely used for trips or shopping as you do not have to search for money in the messy bag because of the extra small bag attached with it.

2. Branded Black Broad Bag Shoulder:

Shoulder Bags for women

A simple large shoulder bag design is quite sophisticating to be carried. The bag is made from leather and given a broad space. The black bag is also available in various other dark and white colors. The bag is generally purchased by the college teens especially by the arts students as they need to carry several broad sheets which fit the best in these kinds of bags. It is also best for the working women. Such big bags are also available in printed form with floral designs and other lavish prints that make it more adorable to carry.

3. Funky Shoulder Bags for Ladies:

Funky Shoulder Bags

The teens of the colleges and youth are always in search of something funky for their clumsy look. For such crowd, we have small shoulder bags with amazing designs. The small bags are made from canvas, leather and polystyrene with decorative items. The size of the bag indicates that it is carried for money wallets, cell phone and such tiny stuffs. It is the prime choice for casuals and long skirts for small picnics or day outings. You can also design the bags with stones and stickers or other charms to make it more unique and charming.

4. Canvas Shoulder Bags for Teens:

Canvas Shoulder Bag

Small shoulder bags are quite cute to carry with. A similar design of canvas bag with one single strand for shoulders is quite simple and catchy. The bag is small enough to carry your minute stuffs like wallet, phones, and other such things. It is used by both men and women especially on casuals. The high quality of canvas used does not allow the bag material to loose its quality and hence it is a long term item.

5. Fancy Shoulder Handbag for Girls:

Fancy Shoulder Bag

A simple but fancy black shoulder bag is widely chosen by the women who are quite aware of their matching accessories. The plain black bag is of tote pattern which has hanging charm in the center.  The open end is knitted which can be locked with the charm in the middle. The chain also has a charm added with initials of the company. The bag is widely used for official use, dating, night outs, and much more.

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