9 Easy Home Shoulder Workouts for both Men and Women

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Are you sad about your shoulders? Do you want to build strong shoulders? Then Exercise! Yes, exercises play an important role for the body to keep it healthy and fit. Strong shoulders are very necessary to complete your daily work and therefore upper body needs strength. Hence, in this article we are telling you about the best shoulder exercises that help to make strong shoulders.

If you get a strong shoulder then you definitely get a ‘V-shape’ look. It is also helpful to you to hold something from the floor to the place at the top of shelf. Therefore, giving strength to the shoulders read this article carefully.

Shoulder Workouts for Men and Women

Shoulder Exercises for Women and Men with Images:

Below we are giving a list of god shoulder workouts for men and women.

1. Shoulder Motions: Full Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Motions

  • This exercise works the traps. Hold a pair of dumbbells or any items of equal weight in both hands.
  • Have the dumbbells close to the sides. Next, high the dumbbells by shrugging your shoulders and attempt to point towards your ears.
  • And then gently lower the dumbbells.
  • It is very beneficial to control tension headaches as well as broad and strong shoulders.

2. Pull Ups Shoulder Exercise:

Pull Ups

  • Pull Ups is one of the greatest shoulder exercises. It is very beneficial for your shoulders as well as your back muscles.
  • Pull ups are nothing but a whole upper body exercise. The best sign of power is to controlling the pull ups exercise.
  • Pull ups are mainly recycled as warm up exercise done before the shoulders workout.

3. Front Lateral Raise:

Front Lateral raise

  • This exercise is very similar to the dumbbell side raise, the front lateral raise objects your supraspinatus muscles in shoulders.
  • Take dumbbells to the side, increase your elbows straight in forward-facing of your body at shoulder height, grasp for two seconds and coming back gradually.
  • Front lateral raises also are an essential part of the shoulder weightlifting.

4. Push-ups:

Push ups

  • This compound exercise works the arms, chest, upper back, shoulders and abs all in move.
  • This exercise does not need any equipment. Lie with the stomach on the floor. Perform it with the help of fingers facing a 45° angle.
  • Try to maintain your back straight while goes down. You can modify it according to your strength level.

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