Shoulder Kiss – How to Do it and What it Means?

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It is often possible that you easily melt when your loved one kisses you. Shoulder kiss is one way to easily melt! Shoulder kisses are extremely romantic. A kiss on the shoulder is said to act as a therapy for some women as well as men. Shoulder takes a lot of stress throughout the day and it is sometimes necessary to give something back to this body part by showing it some love. Shoulder kisses have been done since ages and since the old days, women love to receive the surprising kisses on the shoulders.

Shoulder Kiss - How To Do It And Meaning

The shoulder is the strongest part of your body. A kiss on the shoulder is sometimes really appreciated by women. It can act as a stress relief therapy and there is always room for some cool creativity. One can give the female’s shoulder a two to three second massage before offering a kiss. The shoulder kiss can be said to be one of the most popular ways to start a romantic lovemaking.

What Is Shoulder Kiss, Tips And How To Do It:

We came up with information and images about shoulder kiss that contains meaning, how to do it, tips and techniques and types of shoulder kisses.

Shoulder Kiss Meaning:

shoulder kiss meaning

Different kisses have a different meaning. It is time that you educate yourself about it to make your relationship with your girlfriend or your wife more romantic. A kiss on the shoulder means that you’re telling her how wonderful she is. Women are much smarter than men in this subject and they can easily get it. That is what it was designed for. These kinds of gestures are sure to pull off a good connection between you and your partner. Take a look at how can do it too!

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How to Do Shoulder Kiss:

kiss shoulder

First, you will have to stroke your partner’s neck with the help of your fingers. If you truly love her, then you will know which is her sensitive part of the neck or the shoulder. Keep your palm on that portion and slowly rub it for 10-15seconds. This will definitely make her feel special. Kiss her? Not yet! Slow down tiger, there are still a few things to be taken care of.

Now slowly hold her neck and kiss her on the shoulder or the back of the neck whatever you feel like calling it.

Get creative and know how you can make her/him feel special. That necessarily follows from some caressing that let the person know how special he/she is.

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Techniques/Tips Shoulder Kiss:

One can kiss with his or her mouth open. Keep some room for passage of air. This will allow for an echo to occur. It will make the kiss even more romantic. If you make this kiss successful you girl or your man will straight away want to jump into lovemaking.

If your partner has a tattoo on her shoulder, then kiss on that particular tattoo. In this case, butterfly tattoo is extremely appreciated by men.


Mouth Open:

An open mouth kiss is always a yes-yes! If you keep your mouth open and put pressure on your lips while you’re kissing her on the shoulders, then this will get her extra happy.


Some men like to show their dominant side and like to bite their women on the lips or on the cheeks or ears while kissing. One can apply the same technique while performing a shoulder kiss. This will make the kiss real special.


One can pressing with lips gently on his woman’s back of the neck or shoulders for a second or two. Just don’t rush, do it gently and it will have some profound results.

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Shoulder kisses are extremely romantic and almost ever girl likes to get one. There are some men who also like shoulder kisses. One can try something different totally out of the box. It is not necessary to stick to the points, tips, and tricks that will be advised by your friends or experts. This article provides you almost each and every information about shoulder kisses and what does it mean when a guy kisses your shoulder. See the brighter side and fill the world with more love.