15 Best and Latest Showcase Designs for Hall with Images

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When we enter any house that time we look around and we adjust ourselves as per situation of the hall. Showcase gives a fresh look while any guest comes to our house. Designer, simple, long, small or many more designs in showcases are choice of peoples.

Showcases have been used for ages to put up knickknacks that we would like to show others. These articles can be placed on the shelves of the showcase in addition to the entertainment units like TV, music system, etc.

TV Showcase Designs for Hall

Simple and Modern TV Showcase Designs for Hall:

Let’s find here with attached some wall and wooden showcase designs for hall and decorate stylishly to surprise your friends and neighbors.

1. TV Modular Wall Showcase Design for Hall:

Modular Showcase Design

This showcase design is now one of the most sought after showcase designs for hall as it covers the main units of the hall. It holds the TV and music system apart from books and knickknacks. You can use some old fashionable idols to give a cool look for this showcase. The modular showcase designs for hall is also used to cover up an entire wall.

2. Contemporary Showcase Design for Hall:

Contemporary Showcase Design

Here is a contemporary showcase design in a hall that is very simple and yet chic. The design includes floating shelves that are placed on the wall. The thin long table under the unit is very sophisticated.

3. Decorative Showcase Design for Indian Houses:

Decorative Showcase Design

Hall showcase designs have very decorative ideas that can be incorporated in the showcase. Here you have a set that has two cabinets on either end and cabinets on the lower half as well. As per your choice of hall painting, you can try black and white combined color combination designs in showcase selection. The Centre space can be used to place an LCD TV.

4. Latest Wooden Showcase Design for TV:

Latest Showcase Design

Among the latest showcase designs for hall is this modern wooden showcase. The design has three levels that are cut in between to look chic. The showcase is very simple and has one closed cabinet to keep things safe. Use some artificial flower pot to give classy and natural look for the showcase.

5. Simple Showcase Model for Hall:

Simple Showcase Design

Get a stunning yet simple showcase designs for hall. This showcase includes just a two level table. The table can accommodate a TV and a music system with all the devices. This is comfortable for those peoples who need showcase in their budget too. Simple and fresh look you will get to your hall.

6. LED TV Showcase Design for Hall:

showcase designs for hall

Hall showcase models can be very sophisticated and modern. These floating shelves look sleek, elegant and blend in with the wall. The colors used in these models are very subdued and this makes it very striking. You can personalize this type of showcase as per your design choice.

7. Wall Space Wooden Showcase Design:

Wall Space Showcase Design

If you plan for designer showcase and utilize all full wall, then this model will be the great choice for your hall. Among the showcase models for hall are those that cover up an entire wall space. These showcase models have a wooden framework for the wall. The cabinets and shelves are then placed on this framework.

8. Traditional Showcase Design Wood:

Traditional Showcase Design

Early 90’s these types of models were famous for hall interiors. Here is a traditional hall showcase design that is made in wood. The design has closed shelves on the bottom rack and open shelves on either end. A TV can be placed in the center for viewing.

9. Hall TV Wooden Showcase Designs:

Wooden Showcase Design

Get this all wooden showcase designs for hall and use up the space of an entire wall. This wooden showcase designs for hall can accommodate all the entertainment units as well as photographs and other items. Books, etc. can be stored in the cabinets made. This good and stylish too, if you budget is low.

10. Stylish Showcase Design for Hall:

Stylish Showcase Design

You can convert an entire wall into a showcase with this wall showcase design. The wall is covered with shelves that are interlinked. You can put your nice collection of books and some dolls too. This design creates a seamless feel. This is suitable for youngsters too.

11. New Model Showcase Design:

New Model Showcase Design

Among the TV showcase designs for hall is this big and bold showcase in black. The design incorporates a large TV space and several cabinets that can store plenty of items. The closed and open cabinets help you to showcase a lot of things. Women are mostly like this type of showcase for their personal items.

12. Designer Showcase:

Designer Showcase

This small wooden designer showcase is perfect for small spaces. The wooden showcase has nine shelves that can be used to place things. The showcase is flat and can be in kept in tiny rooms. These showcase designs for hall are a good choice for small wall where you can fit with comfort look.

13. Living Room TV Showcase Design:

Living Room Showcase

Get this stone work black and white color showcase that is stunning and classic. The light fixtures on the showcase are very stylish. This will look very good on big halls. This type of showcase is useful for the luxuries type of duplex flats or bungalows’.

14. Long Glass Showcase Design for Hall:

Long Showcase Design

Here is a slim and long showcase design that is perfect for small spaces. The glass showcase is great to keep knickknacks and to show your interesting pieces. The light inside the showcase brighten up the items inside. It gives a unique look for your hall.

15. Chic Showcase Design:

Chic Showcase Design

Here is a lovely bookcase cum showcase design that has a wall covered with shelves. The showcase has open cabinets that are geometric in shape. The lower table can accommodate the TV.

Showcase designs for hall include modern, contemporary as well as traditional designs. These showcases can cover the entire wall or can be slim and flat ones. While buying any showcase, check with a few more designs and colors. Showcase need to match to your hall. Go with direct shopping option while selecting any showcase. Check material and the quality of your showcase. Take guidance of an interior designer who helped you to paint your house.