9 Traditional Side Maang Tikka Designs in Trend

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There is a trend going on presently of wearing maang tikka on one side. Earlier, there was a maang tikka with chain in middle of head. But now there are side maang tikka available. This is a modern day demand. With fanciness, it arouses interest too. In fact, all celebrities are wearing this design. This is common in Mughal ladies. They put Jhumar like design in side of head. And the idea of side maang tikka is derived from that Mughal Jhumars. This is a kind of advanced accessory for head.

Side Maang Tikka Designs

Latest and Beautiful Maang Tikka Designs in One Side for Ladies in fashion:

Here are the best designs of maang tikka with side strings.

1. Pearl String Side Maang Tikka:

Pearl String Side MaangTikka

This is so captivating side tikka with pearl strings. There are layers of small pearl strings on one side and one big half moon design on forehead. These pearl layers are looking charismatic with whitish shine. It enhances your overall glow of face.

2. Side Jhumar Maang Tikka:

Side JhumarMaangTikka

This is Mughal inspired side tikka jewellery. There is a big jhumar like design hanging on one side of head. It is having number of small chain connected with a pendant on top. With these chains, there is small size of colourful stones.

3. Side Swept Maang Tikka:

Side Swept MaangTikka

This is royal design in maang tikka with side strings. There is one big round pendant with one orange stone hanging. This big pendant is connected with three small string and small round pendant. This pendant is having three lines of string with stones embossed.

4. Side Mughal Maang Tikka:

Side Mughal MaangTikka

This is one side maang tikka with a bunch of round link. Various pear shape white stone are attached. There is one flower design with stone in middle. At the end of tikka, there are pear shape pearls hanging. The mixture of white stone and pearls appear out to be mind-blowing.

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